Hanging out in Casper, WY

I took a down day but not a hang out in the hotel room down day….a quick breakfast at Eggington’s  and a drive around town down day.  There was not a lot in the area I wanted to see but I did have two places in mind…one I could not go to because a road was closed and hard as I tried to find another way in it did not happen!  

Eggington’s….highly recommended if you are in Casper and need a good hearty breakfast. 

Before driving to my now only destination for the day, I decided to drive around town.  It was a few days before Halloween and there were families walking around town in costume going from business to business trick or treating.  My town does this for kids a few days before Halloween so I got a little homesick knowing I was missing this at home but it was fun seeing kids in costume.  

What I did end up doing after driving around town was go to National Historic Trails Interpretive Center.  This place was amazing…the stories were amazing.  The film at the end (its at set times each day and they will come tell you when it is time) of my time there was excellent telling the tale of pioneers crossing the country.  I was here about 2.5-3 hours.   

It was a quiet day but interesting.  I am glad I came to the interpretive center.  Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day traveling in and out of 3 states as I make my way to my destination for the night.  Be sure to come back for the adventure!

           “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right”

                                                                                                                                   – Anonymous

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                                                                                     See you on the road!


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