Exploring Jackson WY & the surrounding area

Good morning everyone…time to head out on new adventures and explore some dazzling countryside.  One of the first stops was of course breakfast…I don’t like the “free” breakfast most hotels offer…powdered fake eggs, frozen, microwaved omelets, frozen potatoes that have been baked…you get my point.  Near the steakhouse I went to last night was a place that looked like a good option for breakfast and when I got there The Virginian parking lot was jam packed…always a good sign you are in for something good!  I was not disappointed and though the parking lot was jammed, I got a seat almost immediately! They did consider it lunch time but were still offering breakfast.  I bet even a sandwich would have been good here…highly recommended!   

I am leaving Jackson today and heading on to Casper, WY so I did a little drive around town before heading out…the arch…it’s antlers! 

Next up was a stop at the National Elk Refuge.  I didn’t see any elk but it was beautiful land and I had to stop.

A drive around Grand Teton National Park

Chapel of the Transfiguration….

Mormon Row & TA Moulton Barn Moose WY….

The tiny little town of Dubois, WY

Shoshone National Forest…

On the road from Jackson to Casper, WY….

A little WY wildlife…

Coming into Casper, WY at sunset…

Time to check into the Hilton Garden Inn Casper, WY and call it a night for the next tonight and tomorrow.   

Things to explore coming up…get a good night rest! 

                             “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by.”

– Robert Frost

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                                                                        See you on the road!

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