Last day in Gardiner before I head for the Grand Tetons and Wyoming….including a geyser video!

It is going to be a very busy day with lots to see so I checked out of the hotel a little earlier than usual so I could go get breakfast…the Wonderland Cafe & Hotel was so good for dinner that I decided to try them for breakfast.  I REALLY wish I had stayed here!

Oops…this is supposed to come later in the post but I started with it…because don’t you start your day with breakfast?  And doesn’t it look good?

There was still a lot I wanted to see in Yellowstone though I did discover a few of the roads were closed so I had to adjust my plans a time or two.  I decided to divide up all I wanted to see in Yellowstone between today and heading for Wyoming tomorrow.  

One quick stop was Elk Creek.  The blue of the water and sky against the beautiful yellow grass of fall and green trees with the clouds reflecting in the water was stunning to look at!  

Palette Spring was another stop…it remind me of Hot Mammoth Springs though not quite as grand and it was awesome! What the steam does to the sky as it gathers, what it does to the ground as it bubbles and flows out is like nothing else…and the beautiful thing?  You could look at all of my pictures that were taken in October 2018 and go visit the same areas today and it would not look the same…it changes every day.  

And of course no drive through the area is complete with out having to stop in the middle of the road for bison crossing!  Fortunately, as you can see from the pictures…no traffic jams waiting for them to get off the road!

Shoshone Point & Shoshone Lake

West Thumb and Yellowstone Lake

Rainy Lake…

And last but not least for the day…Udine Falls

I headed out this morning with the intention of seeing a few of the final spots in Yellowstone I could get access to and really wanted to see.  I had set my destination as Jackson aka Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  This allowed me to see the sites I wanted to in Yellowstone as well as get a feel for the Grand Tetons National Park.  I will do more exploring of the Grand Tetons National Park tomorrow but I knew I would be going through the park to get to Jackson.  Not a long drive from Yellowstone to Jackson but a lot to see in between! 

Fountain Paint Pot/Clepsydra Geyser was one of the spots I stopped at and it is astonishing!  Be sure not to step off the boardwalk!  

10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (1 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (2 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (3 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (5 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (6 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (7 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (8 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (9 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (10 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (11 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (12 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (13 of 14)10 24 18 Fountain Paint Pots #2 (14 of 14)

Another stop…Golden Gate with falls…note THE Golden Gate…though a stunning feat of man this Golden Gate is a stunning feat of man and nature!  

A quick stop at Keplar Cascades


And then I enter the Grand Tetons National Park…not a lot of pictures taken today though I stopped often on the road just to enjoy the beauty…you know…stopping to smell the roses!  I know I have said it before but it bears repeating…Stunning!  

Below are images of everything in between Gardiner and Jackson that has not already been posted…including Old Faithful.  

One quick stop before heading to the hotel…The National Museum of Wildlife Art and Sculpture Trail…it was closed when I arrived but the majority of the beautiful sculpture is outdoors.  

I can’t wait to explore but for today it is time to check into the Hampton Inn Jackson, have a most excellent dinner at the Gun Barrel Steakhouse and stop to admire the full moon as I walk back to the hotel.  It was a glorious day! Sorry if there are duplicates of the restaurant but it was a really cool place to share. 

Well, that was a very busy day.  I hope you had patience with me and all of the pictures.  This is all so beautiful and spectacular that I really didn’t want to edit what got posted though I honestly did not post them all…it just feels that way!  🙂 

          “You don’t choose the day you enter the world and you don’t choose the day you leave. It’s what you do in between that makes all the difference.”

– Anita Septimus

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                                                                 See you on the road!


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