On the road from Calgary, AB to Whitefish, MT

On TripAdvisor and the rGPS there was a spot to get pictures of the Calgary skyline at Scotsman Hill so that was going to be my first stop for the morning and there were a few smaller locations on the rGPS app that I wanted to check out such as Rundle Ruins (which I found part of) but I couldn’t find the other spots and was running out of gas so I went in search of a gas station before hitting the road. I wasn’t able to get more of the ruin because the road was very busy and parking on the edge of the road was not safe.  Traffic was encouraging me to move on…

Another spot on the rGPS app was the Lethbridge Bridge in Lethbridge, AB.  I loved the spot but I am not sure my pictures do it justice since I can’t hike for the best angles. For this reason I am only posting one of the images I have…it most truly represents the beauty of this bridge and it isn’t even the whole bridge.   

10 18 18 Lethbridge Bridge in Lethbridge Alberta Canada (4 of 4)

Driving south towards Montana I saw some horses and bison roaming around…yes, I had seen them before but its not like there are any roaming around where I live so they still fascinate me.  🙂 

Continuing to head south towards MT…and over the border!  

Have you seen the Rocky Mountains in Colorado?  I have…it is majestic but the Canadian Rockies can give it a run…they are just as beautiful but more open flat land leading up to them…at least from what I have seen. 

After crossing back into the States in Babs, MT I had to drive through Glacier National Park to get to where I decided to stay.  There was a lot here I wanted to see but my primary mission for now was to get to my hotel and quite a few of the roads in Glacier were closed.  It was a little chilly but it was considered a sunny day…snow had arrived a few days earlier and though most of it was gone the winter season had officially started and not all roads are accessible.  I made due but I was curious what tomorrow might be like when I came back to do a little more exploration.

 In Glacier was an amazing sculpture as a tribute to Blackfoot Tribe…it was beautifully done!

 Before heading to my home away from home for the next two nights I got to see a sunset start in Glacier National Park.

Home for the next two nights was the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish. It was a perfect spot and part of that reason is because it had its own restaurant so after a long day traveling I wouldn’t have to go out in search of food. This place was everything you would expect in a Montana hotel…not your standard Hilton that is for sure!    

Tomorrow is going to be exploring Glacier and a bit of Whitefish…more Montana countryside! Be sure to come back for the ride!  

                                    “If it scares you ,it may be a good thing to try”

— Seth Godin

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                                                           See you on the road!


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