On the road to Kelowna, BC and then on to Chestermere, Alberta

I had no real reason for heading to Kelowna other than I generally don’t want to be driving more than 3.5 hours per day and this fit into that criteria.  It is a lovely little town so I’m glad I chose this town.  I didn’t do anything once I got there other than check into the Best Western Plus Wine Country and have dinner at Kelly O’Bryan’s the first night and C-Lovers the second night.  This worked out well because both were within walking distance.  It was a two night stay so down time was the goal.  It was a beautiful drive to get there though. Dinner at O’Bryan’s BTW was beef stroganoff…very few places offer this anymore so I was all over that! And I was lucky enough to catch a little bit of sunset.  

After resting up for the two nights I was ready to move on to Chestermere.  This is a 7.5 hour drive and I’m not sure why I decided to do this except it would get me closer to Calgary. It was a long drive made longer with a few stops along the way to enjoy the beauty of the countryside…and a rock slide that closed the road…for me I sat in traffic for about 30 minutes.  When they opened part of the road it was only one lane open and there was still a lot of rock and dirt on the road.  I had seen dozens of signs through most of this journey but this was the first time I had come up on an actual rock slide.  For my amusement while I was sitting there (besides texting with my sister’s) there were several small waterfalls coming out of the rocks that were freezing almost instantly…some days it is the little things that amuse.    

Before and after coming up on the rock slide I had seen signs and pulled off the main road for a few stops.  It is gorgeous out there! This beautiful mountain is Boulder Mountain…not the first snow I had seen since I started my travels but it was the most snow…the whitest snow.  

The set of pictures below is Mara Lake in gorgeous is this in mid-October?! 

I didn’t get the name of the next mountain below…but it was in Field, BC which is in Yoho National Park…about all I was able to figure out. Did you see the mountain with the Playboy bunny?  🙂 

The final set of images before checking into the hotel and having dinner…about 9 PM is a set taken from the time I left Kelowna until I arrived in Chestermere…including a sunset that I saw in my rear view mirror and it forced me to pull over.  It was amazing! 

Now it is time to check into the Best Western Plus Chestermere, AB and have a little dinner at the Canadian Brewhouse then call it a night.  I had a busy day and tomorrow promises to be just as busy!

I am going to be two nights in Chestermere.  Tomorrow I visit the zoo in Calgary…a most awesome experience!  Be sure to come back!  

       “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

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See you on the road!

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