Seeing Vancouver, West Vancouver & Squamish, BC

Today’s ultimate destination is the Sea & Sky Gondola.  I was nervous and excited to do this.  I had never been up in a gondola before and the views for this promised to be amazing.  I teased two of my sisters when I was driving here that I was off to do something pretty exciting and they would have to stay tuned to see what it was.  And of course, Mr. PH came along for the ride.  The Sea & Sky gondola is in Squamish, BC.  There is a large open patio at the top, an enclosed seating area, a cafe with very expensive simple food like burgers & fries…all I wanted was a beverage but those were crazy expensive too…at least my idea of expensive.  There is a swinging bridge that is held in place with some heavy cable and I walked it…it moved every second I was on it and dumb ass people thought it was funny to bounce on it as they were walking across it.  I took pictures of me going up in the gondola, the bridge and me crossing the bridge and back and sent them to my sister’s and niece.  Fun stuff!!!  It was a beautiful blue sky day, some clouds and gorgeous scenery!  If you are in the area you need to stop and enjoy this spot!  

But I get ahead of myself…while driving to Squamish I saw a sign in West Vancouver for Horseshoe Bay Beach, Park & Marina.  There is a beach, playground for kids, boardwalk to walk over to the marina, boats everywhere and a lovely park with benches.  I have an image from this spot for sale on my website because when I saw it again preparing to update the blog I fell in love all over again.

It is about a 1 hour drive from Vancouver to Squamish and of course this little side trip to Horseshoe Bay added some time.  My point…there are things to see when you are driving from Point A to Point B even when you have a specific plan.  So, bear with me because I did stop and take a picture or two on the way to Squamish besides this stop.  🙂 

Is this not beautiful country?  And you haven’t even see the Sea & Sky Gondola ride or the views from the top…are you ready for some gorgeous?

After about 2.5 hours here I felt I had seen just about all there was to see…well, that and it was about 45 minutes to closing and I wanted to beat the crowds heading down so I didn’t have to share my gondola…it would take away the finale of it all.  It was a glorious day on top of the mountain and time to go find some dinner before heading back to Vancouver.

After sitting in the parking lot for a bit to find a restaurant (and texting with my sister’s and niece) I headed to the Copper Coil Still & Grille…cool name, cool place in the town of Squamish.  Took a bit to find a parking spot which was interesting since there was no traffic but when I was walking to the restaurant I noticed a multi-colored crosswalk in support of the LGBTQ community.  Very cool!

When I walked out of the restaurant after dinner I saw the sun setting down the road and the colors were amazing and the clouds looked like it had ripples in them and the colors and ripples were reflecting in my car when I parked. Like fire in the sky!  

You know when the sun is setting there is a Golden Hour, Sunset & a Blue Hour…and still it takes a bit before it is completely black out.  Driving back to Vancouver I was passing a body of water…a lake I think but it was getting dark so I wasn’t 100% sure but there was a boat out there and there was a slight bit of sunset between two mountains.  It was beautiful and I could not find a place to park…frustrating!  But finally there was a turn out along some railroad tracks and I got a picture…another image I included for sale on my website.

Tomorrow I am going on a tour with a guide and a group of others.  We will be taking a ferry over to Vancouver Island, spending the day driving around there and taking the ferry back to the mainland.  There are a number of places on Vancouver Island the guide will be taking us and we will also have some time on our own for lunch and seeing the main downtown area.  See you tomorrow! 

          “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury

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                                                           See you on the road!


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