Today’s destination…Lynwood, WA

Up and out…I was nearing the end of my scheduled I-90 Road Trip and the end of the trip was the Space Needle in Seattle.  I had pretty much decided, though there were many things I still wanted to see in the States on my way back home that I was going to head up into Vancouver.  I had seen pictures in movies and had checked my rGPS app and it seemed there was some beautiful country up there and I wanted to see it.  Planning ahead I decided that once there I was going to drive as far east as Calgary and then head south back into the States…back into Montana in particular so that I could see the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone National Park.  Plan in place I moved on...

A friend had told me about the Columbia River and Vantage Bridge and I was almost right on top of it before I realized it was what I had been looking at.  There were cars pulled over into pullouts along the way but I still did not know when I stopped at one that it was the Columbia River I was looking at.  I can be a little slow on the uptake at times.  🙂  

In researching what I wanted to do I discovered Snoqualmie Falls in the town of Snoqualmie.  Driving through town (cute town by the way…I should have opted to stay here but I never listen to me!) there was an open field with a herd of Elk…many many Elk…people were pulling over to the side of the road to take pictures there were so many.  I joined the crowd and got out for pictures but I think we were all tourists to the area because I think these guys live here because they certainly looked like they belonged here.  On to Snoqualmie Falls where it was jam packed with tourists and parking was a challenge…had to circle the parking lot 3 times before I lucked out that someone was pulling out as I came around the corner.  It was raining out so I was surprised there were so many people here.

Next it is time to drive into Seattle.  The drive along the way was lovely…

And the whole reason for the trip…Seattle… and proof was the Space Needle! 

I decided to stay at the Hampton Inn in Lynnwood, WA.  There was no way I wanted to stay in the city of Seattle.  With the hills, I felt like I was in San Francisco and with the crazy drivers I felt like I was in New York or Boston…or any big city in the world!  The suburbs work just fine for me.  I took 3 down days to rest and relax…update my image folders, read and just zone out and watch TV. 

After these down days I am heading into Vancouver…I will be making a stop or two along the way before I cross the border.  Be sure to come back for the next post and see the beauty which is Vancouver

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See you on the road!

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