From Wallace, ID to Ritzville, WA

I teased at the end of my last post that today would start at a bordello…and it did.  An actual bordello though now it is a museum after it was abandoned in the 80’s and once you see the pictures you will recognize the 80’s…well, if you lived in the 80’s or have seen a well made movie based in the 80’s.  I arrived shortly after it opened and I was the only one there but there was a schedule to follow so I just roamed around the main floor and basement until the official time started.  I did not realize until we had been upstairs for awhile that I was not supposed to take pictures but the woman giving me the tour never said anything so I took them.  The price list for services is listed on the door frame of the Madam’s room.    

This business was abandoned one day when the sheriff’s office called to say the government was going to be raiding the place.  The ladies grabbed a few things and ran.  Everything else was left behind including take out/fast food menus.  This fine establishment is the Oasis Bordello Museum.  An amazing piece of history in beautiful downtown Wallace…you really have to go and check it out.  And the ladies that run the place love telling the story.

If you would like a more detailed story of this establishment, check out: 

While at the bordello I mentioned my interest in ghost towns and the woman giving the tour told me about the Burke ID ghost town. She said it wasn’t too far away and a lot of the buildings were intact though not safe to enter.  No roadblocks…you could just drive in and park, walk around and see what might interest you.  All the encouragement I needed and off I went. Though there was a nearby town you could almost walk to it was still a little creepy walking the streets of a ghost town.  A car came down from up a hill and I didn’t even know the road was still open to traffic!  

 Forgot to mention before moving onto Burke, I drove around Wallace a little bit after leaving the bordello.  It is not a large town but it is really cute and quaint.  I think I would love to own a little cottage within walking distance of town. 

On my way to my next destination I happened to drive by a sign for The Sunshine Mine Disaster in Kellogg, ID which happened in May, 1972.  It is a horrific story and many lives were lost.  I have included a link to the story if you are interested in reading about it. 

I only have a few photos to share but it is a beautiful memorial.

My next quick stop was at the Crystal Gold Mine…I also happened to be driving by this when it caught my attention-also in Kellogg.  I did not go inside though the signs said it was open and light.  I am claustrophobic and just the idea was making a knot in my stomach.  It was a cool place though and there was a family with many kids that went in while I was walking around. And yes, Mr PH enjoyed this stop also! 

Next I moved on to Coeur d’Alene.  There is a park there that I completely enjoyed.  I just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful day along the waterfront.  This is a busy little town.  I had thought about spending the night here but it was a little too congested for my taste and there was another spot I wanted to see.  I was determined I was going to make it into Washington State tonight.  Anyway…beautiful Coeur d’Alene…after visiting for awhile I sat in the parking lot and plotted how to get from the next spot and where in WA I might was to land for the night.  All plotted out and off I went. As I drove out of town I was lucky enough to see a few cool things including some murals.   


My one last stop in Idaho before entering Washington state was the Old Mission State Park in Cataldo.  I did not stay long because my legs were wearing out and I knew I could not tour the building though it was beautiful. 

Time to drive on into WA state.  I ended up in Ritzville, WA because there was something I wanted to see in that direction.  Like a few other things I wanted to see along the way, I just could not find what I was looking for so I made a reservation at the Best Western Bronco Inn and once I arrived and settled in I stopped back at the front desk for a restaurant suggestion in the area.  I had checked TripAdvisor and everything seemed to require driving to another area or town…I was too tired for that!  The clerk suggested Jake’s which was about a mile or so down the road and take a left…off I went. I loved Jake’s….I had the place pretty much to myself, the waitress was awesome, friendly and chatty and the food was delicious!  I actually came back here for every dinner and I think a breakfast.  I even brought Mr. PH in so he could enjoy some french fries…my sister suggested a picture of Mr. PH with a plate of french fries in front of him…I explained this to the waitress and Jake and they were more than happy to accommodate! 

 Tomorrow I have a list of things I want to see…mostly from the rGPS app so it is time to get some sleep after an awesome day exploring the countryside!  

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See you on the road!

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