Downtown Vancouver is the destination!

There was only one thing I wanted to see today before I headed into Canada…the Puget Sound.  In searching on how to get there I saw that there was a lighthouse right there along the Sound…off I went.  If I happened upon something else in my travels that would be a plus but this did end up being the crown of the day…Mukilteo Lighthouse Park in the town of Mukilteo was where I was heading and it was a glorious day to be spending time here.  

Ok…time to hit the road for Vancouver…also a crazy congested city but so so pretty!  When I was driving into the city, shortly before the hotel I picked, I saw a park on the water…I could not for the life of me figure out how to get back to that park the rest of the time I was there…and I drove in and out of the city several times.  If I could have found the name of the park I could have added it to navigation and found it but I was lost and clueless…anyway, back to the road trip!  

My hotel for the next few nights was the Best Western Sands…I picked this place for the name, thinking it was at least going to be near the water…nope, not even the park on the water I had seen coming into town.  But it had a restaurant – The Park Pub, a crazy, busy, noisy place, attached to the hotel so it worked out well and the hotel was a good place to be based out of for what I wanted to do and see. The pub was fairly quiet the first night because I went down to eat early but the next night, Friday, when I got back late you could hardly hear yourself think.

And tonight will close with a sunset…

Tomorrow I will be heading toward West Vancouver and Squamish BC on a self-guided tour.  Of course, I checked TripAdvisor and the rGPS app but they also had some tourist materials in the hotel I found useful.  Wait until you see the beauty of these areas. 

             “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” – Eugene Fodor

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                                                         See you on the road!


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