Ending up in Livingston MT…

I think the title might have you thinking I didn’t want to end up in Livingston MT but it is a lovely area and I am glad it was my resting spot for the night.  Unlike most decisions on where to spend time for a night or more this decision was made because I desperately needed an oil change because my light had been on for days and you can’t believe how hard it was to find some place to get this done.  You can drive 80 miles an hour on a lot of the highways out here but try to find a place to get an oil change!  There will be more of a story here than me sharing my woes about an oil change but once I found a place to stay – an Econolodge Inn – I put the address of the Pony Express…the closest to my hotel…and went driving off because it was getting late.  I don’t mind doing this kind of thing at the end of the day but I would hate to waste the start of the day doing it…I would be tapping my foot waiting for them to get done!  Oil changed and the bad news that I had a leak in my left rear axle.  The good news was according to these guys I could make it back home without worry but no offense to these guys…but I still had over a month left to my trip and wasn’t confident with this info. I did discover that there was a Cadillac dealership coming up in a few days and I was assured I really would have no issue with making it to this location.  Pony Express by the way is an excellent place to get you oil changed…seek them out if you are in the area!  So…back to the trip!   

As long as I was talking about the Econolodge Inn I might as well post this now…the room was nice, the bed was comfy but that map of plates…too cool!

Dinner this night was at the Montana Rib & Chop House.  I must say…when you are traveling through this part of the country you really have to be a meat eater…not that other options are not available but let’s face it, it is what is plentiful on menus!  I am a cardiac patient…red meat is not a regular part of my diet.  I generally eat red meat maybe 3-4 times a year if that.  On this trip…almost every meal involved beef of one kind or another.  Fish was not plentiful out here though I did find the occasional salad with sauteed shrimp. The special tonight happened to be fish…Salmon…not a huge fan and I really have to be in the mood for it.  Steak for me tonight.   

Once again I have been going backwards but I had to get that oil change story off my mind.  The drive from Hardin to Livingston, like all my drives out on the road, was beautiful.

A few quick pictures of Livingston before showing you my stops along the way…it is a fairly large town but you can’t necessarily tell by the pictures.  

The big stop for the day was Custer National Battlefield/Little Bighorn Battlefield.  This place generated so many feelings and emotions in me.  When I go to visit a Vietnam Veteran Memorial I feel an intense sadness about the number of lives lost, young lives who gave their all for us fighting a war that not all of them wanted to be in and very few people respected those that came home from that war.  I had some of that same intense sadness visiting the battlefield.  I believe that when our loved ones pass they stay with us and help guide us but I never really thought much about reincarnation.  During this visit I was feeling that I may have lived back in this time, that I lost a loved one to this battle, that this was where the intense feeling of sadness was coming from.  Have you ever been to Arlington National Cemetery with its row upon row of headstones?  Kind of takes your breath away just looking at it and trying to imagine all the families affected by those deaths whether during war or later in life.  There is a similar cemetery at Custer National Battlefield.  If you are ever wondering where to go on a vacation and have any interest in history you must go here. I met the gentleman in the video below…he works inside in the museum/gift shop where you pay to enter the battlefield.  He is a part of the story behind the history of Custer’s Last Stand. Warningthere are a lot of pictures below…I just could not decide what should not be included. There are some markers placed sporadically throughout the battlefield.  The story told is that this is there best representation of where they felt each soldier and Indian fell.   

 There is a Custer Battlefield Trading Post and Cafe across the highway from the park if you want to do a little memorabilia shopping and get a bite to eat.  

Two more stops before I called it a day…Crazy Mountain Museum in Big Timber, MT…it was closed but Mr PH and I enjoyed the grounds and the other stop was Country Crossroads Store…just pulling into a parking lot to take a picture because this place was closed also but it did have a lot of cool, kitschy stuff you could only find in MT!  

10 3 18 Country Crossroads Store Big Timber MT (1 of 1)

Tomorrow I will be moving on to Idaho.  Get a good nights rest and be ready for the ride!  🙂

          “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

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See you on the road! 

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