From Buffalo,WY to Hardin, MT…

Before I go on to share my day and the adventures involved in getting to Hardin let me just pause to say that if you are planing to stay in Hardin, make plans ahead of time…my usual hold out until 3ish doesn’t work here!  I drove up and down the highway just trying to find something and let me tell you…there is nothing out here!!  I drove through part of an Indian reservation and there was barely a whole house standing intact.  I am not up on US/Indian relations but it would appear if you are not part of one of those casino communities your earning potential is limited!  I started panicking around 7:00 PM and was in almost full panic mode by 8:00.  I kept following my navigation system and kept going around in circles finding nothing.  Finally, a little after 8:00 PM I came upon 2 options and a restaurant. I opted for the Rodeway Inn.  It was surprisingly comfortable and quiet.  The restaurant was Brother’s Bistro & Casino and the food was really really good!  I don’t think they had been opened too long but the food was good and the staff was super friendly and based on this they should be opened a very long time.  So…while I generally end my tale with info about where I stayed and sometimes where I ate, I am starting with it today.

My next set of pictures are going to be horses…wild, beautiful horses! 

Here is literally a tiny look at the area of Hardin I drove to from the hotel to the restaurant…it was dark when I came out so…cute, isn’t it? 

The next photo struck me funny as I drove by it several times looking for a place to stay and it is part of the Crow Agency reservation.  I think the reason I find it so funny is because the casino sign is right in front of the church and I initially thought the church had been turned into a casino…not true but it was my first thought. The church looks closed but there are cars in the parking lot so who knows!  Well, I do know it is not the case…I Googled it.  🙂 

10 2 18 Apsaalooke Nights Casino Crow Agency MT sign...not the church (1 of 1)

Seems next up should include the drive to Hardin…it is like all of the areas I drove through – very beautiful country.  I’m not sure about you but I am a suburbs girl…never lived in a city, not fond of city traffic and though I will on occasion I will go into the city I don’t like it…people live on top of each other…who wants to do that when there is so much open land.  I lived in the country for a brief period of time when I was 15-17 and there was a farm or two on the road but it was mostly woods and a very long bus ride to school but houses were still fairly close together.  In my current neighborhood the houses are close but not “I can see in your windows” close.  A lot of people in my neighborhood seem to be related one way or another…makes it more of a community I think.

Anyway…back to my drive to Hardin

 The rest of the post revolves around the Devil’s Tower, the tipi’s you can rent down the road from the Devil’s Tower and the adorable prairie dogs that live on the road leading to and from Devil’s Tower. I thought I got a picture of the sign but I can’t find it so I did look this up in case you want to check it out or consider staying here.  The link:

The Devil’s Tower is supposed to be a mecca for rock climbers.  Though the place was quite crowded and busy the day I went I did not see a single climber and I would have loved to watch people climbing up or down.  If I remember correctly (not that I am a climber) you need permission to climb.  They do ask that no one climb in the month of June.

Tomorrow I move on to the town on Livingston, MT.  For not it was a long day with lots of beauty to take in and I think my brain is on overload.  I look forward to the down time overnight.  See you tomorrow!  

       “To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill Bryson

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See you on the road!


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