Heading to Minnesota and on to South Dakota…

This lovely day started with a great breakfast at the Greenwood Cafe in Tomah before hitting the road and heading west through Minnesota. If you are in the area you have to check it out. I am getting hungry now just looking at the picture…such a fond memory!  A hearty breakfast that will get you through the day and some very nice people!  I had no particular plans for the day, nothing on the I-90 route that had stops for today though tomorrow I will be visiting the Spam Museum and the Jolly Green Giant Statue along with Sprout…it’s okay, you can laugh!  Who would think there would be a Spam Museum? But then again, I never thought there would be a Jello Museum either.  🙂  

Driving to MN I did a side trip to to visit the Mississippi River Valley…not 100% sure why except there was something on the rGPS app I thought I needed to see…pretty country either way. 

 Researching the area and where a decent hotel might be I decided to head to Rochester MN and spend the night at a Hilton Homewood Suites. One quick night in town before I moved toward South Dakota.

Checking out of the hotel I had a very busy day planned with a lot of stops as I headed toward a new destination.  As mentioned, I went to see the Spam Museum in Austin MN where there were some extremely friendly people to greet me at the door.  I did bring Mr. Potato Head aka Mr. PH in with me and of course a lot of questions were asked. This place is amazing and gives a lot of history that I was not aware of…not just related to Spam either.

The day also included a stop at the Jolly Green Giant Statue and let’s not forget Sprout!  It was drizzling out when I got here and I was the only one around…nice! This stop is in a lovely town named Blue Earth, MN

 I have a fascination with churches, steeples and crosses so it is required that if I see a church that catches my attention I must stop.  One such church in Austin, MN was St. Augustine’s Catholic Church.  It was beautiful and in a residential area…which for some reason surprised me.  

9 25 18 St Augustine's Catholic Church Austin MN (1 of 1)

It is a spectacular church!

The rest of the day is continuing my drive toward Sioux Falls, SD and enjoying the sunset after I checked into my room at the Hilton Garden Inn. I should mention I got a wonderful upgrade which was kind of a shame since I would only be here the one night.  Also, note the road sign for Kiester…seen the commercial?  There is a Kiester out there!  HAHAHA

Tomorrow I will be moving toward Mitchell, SD…lots to see so be sure to come back!

     “I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.” – Caskie Stinnett 

As always, be sure to check out my website, Facebook page and follow me on Instagram… if you see something you like here and it is not found on my website please contact me. I have been updating my blog on my Loving Life website with more current travels though I will not be updating as often but new pictures have been added!   


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