A few days in & around Chesterton, Indiana then on to Tomah, Wisconsin

In my last post I mentioned this was just another quick stop but as it turned out I was here for several days with some serious down time.  I arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn and because they have a restaurant there I did not leave until it was time to head to Wisconsin.  Not like me to stay put that long but I have been known to do this on a rare occasion. A pretty boring post if I was to just leave this at Chesterton!  I did make a handful of quick stops on the way here from OH.  I will say right here that I did go check out Michael Jackson’s childhood home in Gary, IN before heading to WI but honestly…there were a handful of late teens/early 20’s young men hanging outside his house and it appeared drugs and money were changing hands so I kept on moving feeling it may not have been wise to stop for pictures.  I also wanted to check out a few murals that were supposed to be in the area but I could not for the life of me find them.  Gary appears to be a very economically depressed area and needs some industry to move into the area to bring some life back. The mural below is on the side of the Northside Diner in Chesterton and I did enjoy a beautiful sunset one evening as well as a peak of the full moon.   

The next stop on my journey was Tomah WI…well, that was my hotel stop for 2 nights and I did quite a bit of exploring while I was there.  Beautiful country indeed! On my way to Pingree Grove, IL I stopped by a VFW.  They were having some type of celebration for the local veterans and everyone was invited to stop in for the cook-out they were having.  I did not stop for the food but I did swing in for a photo op and thanked a few veterans who were walking across the parking lot for their service. I was impressed that such a small VFW in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere would have a large plane on display so we needed to check it out.     9 22 18 passed by a VFW in the Pingree Grove IL area (1 of 1)

Along the way I stopped at Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch & Apple Orchard also in Pingree Grove, IL…great stop in October because they do an amazing job setting up for Halloween though I am guessing it is a great visit anytime because they have a petting zoo, pony rides, a cafe and produce.  They also have a great gift store. For Mr. Potato Head and I it was a good 90 minute visit and I loved that kids and grown-ups appreciated Mr Potato Head visiting the farm.  🙂     

After spending quite a bit of time here I decided to move straight on to Tomah. As I mentioned before a lot of my decisions on where to stop for the night are made based on where I am around 3:00 in the afternoon because I need to leave time to get to my destination for the night after deciding what I would like my maximum drive time to be…generally no more than 4 hours per day though I have been known to go 6 or more if I can’t find some place I would like to spend the night. The drive from Pingree Grove to Tomah, WI did not have a lot to offer but Wisconsin does a great job letting you know you are Welcome to the State!    

Two nights in Tomah and a lot of exploration around the area.   Accommodations for the next two nights were at the Hampton Inn and my room had a wonderful sunset view.  

There was a lot of exploring while staying in Tomah.  I visited two spots on the I-90 Road Trip guide – Pearl’s Ice Cream Parlor in La Crosse, WI and FAST Fiberglass Mold Graveyard in Sparta, WI.  While in La Crosse I discovered, when looking for a parking spot, Riverside Park, The Heron’s of Riverside Park and the Boy with a Thorn sculpture. La Crosse is one of those places I would be willing to go back to…I explored one tiny area and I’m sure there was a lot more to see if I had the time. Also visited was Dells Mill in Augusta, WI which was on the rGPS app. Due to room constraints in my blog I can not post all of the pictures from the Heron collection but you can google Herons of La Crosse and find images. Lastly there was a long trip to IA for a few hours.  Though the specific reason I went let me down it is beautiful country and I was glad I went.   

Tomorrow I believe I head to Minneapolis but tune in to be sure!  

     “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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See you on the road!

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