One quick overnight in Elyria OH…

Before leaving NY I stopped at Peg’s Place…if you are ever in Hamburg, NY or surrounding area this is a must do stop!!  The food was excellent and amazingly inexpensive. A full breakfast was under $5…I had to leave a $5 tip because to me, leaving a $1 would have been an insult to these hard working people!  Next I headed toward Ohio…I couldn’t decide if I wanted to push on or stay the night here and do a little exploring in the morning.  There wasn’t much listed on the I-90 Road trip guide that I was really interested in seeing but I still had my rGPS app to depend on.  I did a small bit of exploring along the way but really….there wasn’t much.  It is about 3.5 hrs from Hamburg, NY to Elyria, OH and  I did stop in Lorain, OH for a quick visit to the marina and lighthouse and did a little exploring looking for Old Avon Village in Avon, OH (if you know Old Sturbridge Village in MA you get an idea of what I was expecting…not even close. It was a bunch of old buildings turned into modern day stores but I did get out for some Halloween related pictures) and I visited East Falls in Elyria before I checked into the Hampton Inn. I guess I thought this area would be more rural and was surprised by how urban it was.  I did very much love the marina and lighthouse area though. Oh yeah….Mr. Potato Head came out for the Old Avon Village visit.  🙂 

Tomorrow I head to Indiana. It’s going to be another quick one night stay and visit of the area before heading out again.

      “Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the trip.” – Babs Hoffman

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