Starting a September to December Road trip…Are you ready??

So…the way some of my decisions are made about where to go for a road trip come to me from a commercial on TV, a random ad that shows up in my news feed on Facebook or an add that may pop up on my phone when playing a game (I am a solitaire addict)…that is how I ended up going to Nantucket in the spring…an ad came up in between games for a resort…cottages off a pier on the water. This road trip – I-90 road trip from Boston to Seattle was sent to me through a friend when it came up in her news feed.  After checking it out all I had to do was decide on a date and after reviewing all the stops, decide which I might want to go to and what I felt I could pass on.  Some stops, especially those fairly close to home were passed on because I had been there before on different occasions.  Here is the road trip if you want to check it out….

I also use my rGPS app once I am on the road to see if there are places in the area I am in that I may want to check out to enjoy but also for my blog.  So in addition to a lot of the locations on the I-90 trip I zig zagged around to fit in a few other places along the way. And of course, there is always TripAdvisor to find the standard tourist places.  

I decided to start this trip on September 16. No specific reason except it was a Sunday and I wouldn’t have to deal with any work day rush hour traffic at either end of the day…a good way to start a road trip.  Like other trips, I had checked to see how far I might comfortably be able to go in one day with maybe pit stops but likely no tourist type stops. I decided my first stop would be Cazenovia NY and booked a Hilton for the night.  I will say the ride became a little hairy as I got near the NY border.  I was fortunate that when the skies opened up there were no other cars around me…I couldn’t see much beyond 5′ in front of me.  I entered into NY without ever seeing the Entering NY sign…great weather to drive in!  Also fortunate that it did not last too long before it cleared and unfortunate that it did not last long before it opened up again.  By the time I got to the hotel there was a beautiful sunset.  

Oh….I would be remiss if I did not explain I had a guest traveling with me.  My granddaughter, who was 5 at the time, asked me to take Mr Potato Head with me, take pictures of different places I went with him and send them back to her Mom so she could share them with her class.  Mr Potato Head was her class mascot though this Mr PH was quite large…he had a green screw on cap and his large potato shaped body held his various parts.  It was a gift I had given the kids a year or two before…the class mascot was much smaller but there was no time to get him before I had to leave so it was off on our road trip…just Mr PH and I. I tried to separate the Mr PH pictures from the regular pictures because I was going to use those pictures to put together a book for my granddaughter.  I tried once and I hated it but I have not surrendered yet.  There is a picture of Mr PH below sitting in the front seat of my car looking like he is going to enjoy this trip though really…he always has that silly smile on his face.     

Once I settled into my room I checked TripAdvisor and found a place for dinner.  I went downstairs to ask the easiest way to get there and found out they had a shuttle which was like a hotel taxi that would take me over and come back when I was done to bring me back.  She called for me and off I went.  I was happy I did not have to drive because it had started raining again. 

Well, this ends day one of this almost 3 month road trip.  I hope you will continue to come along and enjoy the ride. 

                       “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle

If you see a picture you like in my travels go to my website.  If you don’t see it for sale, contact me from the website and I will contact you with quotes.


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