Cross Island Chapel & the Jello Museum…

I only spent the one night in Cazenovia but I rushed through the visit in my previous post.  I talked about finding a place for dinner but I didn’t actually take you there!  I went to The Lincklaen House.  It has the appearance of old money and warm comfort.  I felt like I should be sitting in front of the fireplace smoking a pipe and sipping a brandy.  The staff behaved like they were in a private men’s club.  All very proper and I felt extremely under dressed and wet. It is not often I feel inadequate but this was one of those times.  The food however was delicious and though a bit stiff the staff was very friendly. 

I also feel like although I posted some nearing sunset shots while I was still on the road I forgot the other sunset shots…I can’t end a day without sunset shots if I was lucky enough to get them. Well, I had added some of them…turned out there were some duplicates.  Enjoy the sunset…and note the clouds that look like they are kissing. 


Packed up and out mid-morning I was heading to the Cross Island Chapel.  It is supposed to be the smallest chapel in the world. The plus to visiting the smallest anything is that it doesn’t take long to see it.  🙂  

Next stop was the Jello Museum.  This charming place is in LeRoy NY.  The woman at the front entrance takes her job very seriously but clearly enjoys what she does.  Although this is the Jello Museum it has some other interesting things also including a small collection of antiques in the basement. Beware…there is a stuffed giraffe here…well, at least a part of one…and yes, it was a real giraffe!  The giraffe’s name was Christopher.  He was in town with a circus and suddenly died.  Below is a link to the story if you are curious.

I was surprised by how much time I spent here but it was a very interesting place.  Time to get on the road…next stop ended up being Hamburg NY.  I did make a few brief stops on the road but it was pretty much a straight ride there.  I stopped along the way to see what might be available in Hamburg and ended up making a reservation at the Hampton Inn and a dinner plan for Waterstone’s.  I got to the hotel, settled my stuff in and headed out for dinner.  An early night of TV and sleep in order to be up and back on the road tomorrow.  

Come back tomorrow as we move onto Ohio! 

                                                           “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

If you find an image you like, please check out my website.  If you don’t see it for sale, contact me and I will give you a quote.

See you on the road! 

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