A day visit to good old Worcester MA

My bestie, Thelma is very much into the Phantom Gourmet…is that a local New England thing or is it aired around the country?  Anyway, she saw an episode about a new place in Worcester that had opened not to long ago.  They have a sister restaurant in the town she used to live in and we had eaten there before so she wanted to try out the new place.  Off we went.  This new place is called Maddi’s Taphouse.  It is located on Water St. I had the lobster roll with house made potato chips…potato chips were yummy! The lobster roll was a bit unusual (though it didn’t stop me from eating it)…and not tossed in your typical mayo. If you look close enough at the sign up by the bar it says cigarettes $1.95…they do not sell cigarettes. I will also say the fortune cookie with the check was an unusual touch!  

During lunch my friend mentioned there was a cupcake place somewhere on the street and she wanted to go walk and explore.  I can walk for short distances without pain but I was hesitant because she wasn’t sure exactly where on the street it was…walk out the front door, take a left, walk approximately 50′, take a slight left again and walk through the front door of The Queen’s Cup…they have a glassed off area on the right when you walk in where they make the cupcakes, the display case was in the center part of the storefront and to the left was a small area to eat and have a coffee/water, and on occasion there is even someone there playing music!  Quite the nice place and extremely tasty treats! Oh…and they sell treats for dogs…I got two to go!  

We weren’t sure what to do next and it seemed too early to just call it a day. Besides…having consumed all that food seemed to require more than a little walking around that took more time than it would take to walk back to my car. We sat in the car and both checked TripAdvisor.  Though Worcester is not too far from where I live I seldom go there because it is a city and I am not a huge fan of city traffic…its not Boston crazy but it is crazy.  Thelma didn’t come up with anything and I decided I wanted to go visit the Massachusetts Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.  I wasn’t even aware there was a memorial in the area.  Thelma was game and off we went.  It is a beautiful, well maintained park dedicated strictly to MA Vietnam Veterans. To me the part that gave me chills were the letters from the soldiers to their family and friends etched into the stone pillars when you first walked in.  All sides of the pillars had letters and some had multiple letters.  It is a very reverent place to honor those that gave their all for us, most at a very young age.  

 This day comes to an end…it was a little difficult to walk away from the Memorial.  I seek out all Vietnam Memorials…it was my generation…and I always walk away with a heavy heart.  So many young lives lost…for what?  So many came home being hated and yelled out.  It is amazing to me that so many of these young people came home, got jobs, got married, had families and survived when so many others became statistics on the streets and in homeless shelters.  Those that serve our country deserve so much more!

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.” – Robert Frost

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