Hampton Beach NH

I have a best buddy (for almost 40 years) whose family rents a multi-family every year for a week in Hampton Beach.  It is a beautiful little beach town in southern NH in case you have never been there or heard of it before.  They have been doing this for…heck, I don’t know because it seems like a lifetime.  I went up for the day to visit.  We spent quite a bit of time on the beach, took a walk down toward the boardwalk and stopped for lunch before heading back to the beach.  This beach town has the arcades and plenty of places to eat beach food, shop, & listen to music at the bandstand on certain days.  You can also find some more upscale restaurants if you would like a more formal dinner with a cocktail or glass of wine.  During a week in June they also have sand sculpture competitions and my bestie have been there a number of years but have missed the past two years…last year because I was on my road trip and this year because my sister was in the hospital.  Great event to attend if you can get there.  We generally go up after the judging so we can see who won what prize and on the Saturday after everyone is finished they have fireworks over the ocean. My bestie still works but when I go on a trip with another person it is generally this friend who comes along. She labeled us Thelma & Louise a number of years ago.  She is Thelma…I am Louise. There are a couple of shadow selfies of us below…I may occasionally show up in a picture because I reflect in a window but you will never see her in a picture…she hates having her picture taken and she certainly would not agree to be seen in a blog! 

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