An overnight at Old Orchard Beach ME

Have you been to Old Orchard Beach before? It is an awesome place if you are into crowds, arcades, beach food, the beach, rides, carnival games, and that whole beach town atmosphere.  I love it all..except the crowds though that has never kept me away from OOB!  This was a trip planned with a photographer friend to see another photographer friend do a talk and image presentation at Hunt’s in South Portland.  After he was finished we got a bite to eat and headed over to the beach.  My regular cameras were in for repairs so I was using a borrowed camera (which I still have) I had never used before tonight.  I was getting a bit frustrated because I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted and though it did most of what my regular cameras do it did them differently.  My friend was able to figure it all out and with her assistance I was able to get the images below. I was pleased with the final result but couldn’t help but wonder if things would have been different if I had use of one of the cameras I was more familiar using. 


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