Traveling back in time…

In trying to catch up in my blog I was trying to figure out where to start…I guess I will start with my trip from Portland, ME over to Nova Scotia, up into Cape Breton, over toward New Brunswick, down in to ME again, a brief trip across NH, into VT before heading back home after the 4th of July.  This trip started  June 17, 2018 because I saw a commercial on TV for visiting Nova Scotia…very often how the idea for a trip starts…I see something on TV and it inspires me to get in my car and go.  

I did a short drive to Portland on June 17 intending to spend one night before getting on the ferry and heading to Yarmouth, NS but the weather did not cooperate and my ferry was canceled.  After spending another night in Portland (I got to go see some sights in the city including a lighthouse or two…I love lighthouses!) I was confirmed to get on the June 19 ferry at 5:00 PM.  It is a 3.5 hr ferry ride to Yarmouth and it was dark when I arrived.  Fortunately, my hotel for the night was not too far away…the only hotel I had arranged ahead to time because I didn’t want to be driving around in the dark in an unknown location looking for a place to lay my head!  All other hotel stops were decided on or around 3:00 in the afternoon each day so that I did not have to skip visiting some place because I needed to be checking into a set location.  It works well most of the time.  

When I was staying in Portland, ME I was lucky enough to find a Hilton Hotel right across from the water and down the road from the ferry terminal.  Below are some of the images taken while walking around that area of Portland.  As you can imagine since my first ferry was canceled, it did rain some in Portland but most of the storm was out to sea. 



I need to stop for now since every day life is calling me to get things done before I leave for my sister’s for the week.  Once those little things are done I will be back to continue this travel back in time. 


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