Spending a little time in and around Yarmouth & on to Halifax NS

After getting a much needed night of sleep at the Best Western Mermaid Nova Scotia, I was ready to tackle the day.  The beauty of Yarmouth is you are almost guaranteed to see water and coastline wherever you go.  The water is where I find my peace!  I had no specific agenda when I headed out the door of the hotel but using TripAdvisor and my rGPS app I was able to get around and see a few things before preparing to move toward a new destination. Here are just a few of the spots I stopped to enjoy during the morning.

 Some gorgeous flowers were found in the area…

Along the road to getting pictures of the flowers I made a stop at the Cape Forchu-Yarmouth NS Lighthouse.  This is a beautiful stop and it feels like you are visiting the edge of the world standing there and looking out at the water. 

Now the sad part of this story is that I got there using the GPS system within my rGPS app.  It gives very specific directions on how to get somewhere and it has never let me down or allowed me to get lost. However…since I had no specific destination when it was time to leave the lighthouse…no hotel, no tourist spot, no restaurant…I had no idea which direction to drive toward!  I had purchased the car I was driving a week or so before heading north.  It was a 3 yr old car with no navigation system like my previous car.  It does have OnStar and I was told it would work in Canada.  After hitting the button and letting it ring and ring I finally got a recording saying to call a 800#…I scrambled to get a pen and paper to write down the number.  The phone rang again & again before someone picked up.  I explained why I was calling related to being lost and the recording I got when I hit the OnStar button and the guy said he had no idea why there was a recording referring me to them because they are based out of Canada and have nothing to do with OnStar.  Hmmm…so I look for the phone number for OnStar in the States from an e-mail I received when I first bought the car.  After about 30 minutes of the kid trying to sell me an annual plan vs the 3 months you get free when you buy the car I finally find out that my year, make and model doesn’t work in Canada!!  I had brought along my GPS you plug into the lighter outlet but as it turned out, I had not updated it to include Canada.  Frustration had me texting with my family back home!  My daughter-in-law suggested putting Waze back on my phone.  I had taken it off the previous year because most of the time it would not talk (and having to look at the phone defeats the point of safe driving!) and overheated my phone.  With very little choice left, I put Waze on my phone and low & behold…it was talking to me!  Overheat be damned…since it was about 2:00 in the afternoon I started searching for a hotel for the night to given me a direction to head in.  Once again being calm and have direction, off I went heading toward Halifax and the Best Western Chocolate Lake. 

Before heading north to Halifax I did stop in Clark’s Harbour.   A beautiful area on the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia…just a few pictures to share…

Before I call it a day, I would also like to share some images of the Yarmouth area and driving from Yarmouth to Halifax.  It was a beautiful June day to be driving around a beautiful country.  This road trip is just beginning and I already feel so rejuvenated! 

6 20 18 On the road to Halifax NS Who's looking at you while you look at the road- (2 of 2)It was a fun day…and then I arrived at the hotel and if I remember correctly I was here for two nights.  A calm and peaceful place with a restaurant so after a long day exploring I did not have to go find some place to eat.


That is all for today…the family is home and it is time to close the laptop!  Thanks for checking in.


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