Long time no see!

I knew it had been a long time since I posted because I have been traveling all over the place but I did not realize that it had been a few months short of 2 years!

Since I last posted I traveled south from the UP of Michigan…never been there?  It is a must do trip!  I spent a little time in Chicago which had been on my bucket list for some time.  I loved it and though I saw quite a bit of the city it was because I took a private tour and the gentleman taking me brought me to some most wonderful places that I would not have seen if I went out on my own. I would love to go back some day with a friend and see more…it is an amazing city!

From Chicago I slowly made my way back to my home in Massachusetts.  I stayed put for about a few days then headed off on a photo walk in Brooklyn NY for 5 days.  What an adventure!  I had been to NY a number of times over the years but I had never been to Brooklyn.  We walked about 30-40 miles those 5 days, took the train a few times, went to take photos at Grand Central Station, walked to Manhattan and visited the 911 Memorial.  Took at least a thousand pictures and learned some great techniques from the walk leaders.   A few weeks after returning  I took off for Portland ME for a 2 night stay before boarding a ferry and heading to Nova Scotia.  I traveled up the east coast of Nova Scotia, into Cape Breton, across the upper part of Nova Scotia into New Brunswick, over to Digby by ferry for a day and back to Saint John.  After a few beautiful days in Saint John I drove over to Ellsworth, Maine and visited the towns surrounding there including Bar Harbor.  The primary reason I decided to visit Ellsworth is my youngest son has a friend who owns a restaurant there…The Fishnet…and he wanted me to stop by and say hi to his buddy!  Not only did I  get to meet one of my son’s friends but he serves fantastically delicious seafood!  If you are in the area you also have to find Martha’s Cafe.  Not only is the food delicious and plentiful but Martha is hysterically entertaining!

After leaving Ellsworth I headed to Rangley, Maine…birthplace of my step-mother. I had listened to her and my step-siblings tell stories over the years but had never visited.  It is a small quiet little town with live entertainment at one of the bars across from the Inn I was staying at (Rangeley Inn & Tavern…great place that is a throwback in time) so I got to sit on the porch sipping a glass of wine and listening to the music about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Good times!

From Rangeley I headed to VT for several days into the 4th of July and then headed back home to Massachusetts.  I stayed home except for a few mini road trips during the summer and then in September I decided to take the RT 90 Road Trip across the US to Seattle.  At my granddaughters request I brought Mr. Potato Head along.  He was her class mascot and she wanted me to bring him and take pictures of my travels sending them back so her teacher could share them and the class could see where I went.  Once I got there I decided to head north into Vancouver, CA and after a few days there headed to Calgary with a stop or two along the way. From there I went back down into Montana south to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and then headed southeast across the country before heading north once I reached New Jersey.  I got home December 2…one day before my granddaughter’s birthday!

Again….I managed to stay home for a few weeks before heading to Kennebunkport, ME for about a week.  Home again for a few weeks before heading up to Bar Harbor, ME…stayed there for a few days and made quite a few friends so after being home a few days headed back up to Bar Harbor with my sister so she too could have winter time fun in Bar Harbor.

Surprisingly I managed to stay home until late April before heading out on a road trip again heading first to Pennsylvania and then along the way to Arizona.  I had been to Arizona before but never to the Sedona area and that was my destination when I headed out.  This little road trip lasted about a month into late May.   Good times!!

There were several small road trips over the summer to Rockport and Gloucester MA but for the most part I stay very close to home because my sister became very ill.  We thought we were going to lose her at one point because she got hit with illness after illness.  She was admitted to one hospital in May, med-flighted to another hospital a few weeks later, stayed at that hospital until late July-early August and then got transferred to a rehabilitation facility in order to help her get her strength back and after 4 months was finally discharged to go home. She didn’t make it home quite a month before she ended up in the hospital again!  She is home again now…we are hoping she stays here.  Myself and two of my sisters are taking turns staying with her so travel has been limited but there is a brief trip to Charlotte NC the beginning of January now that she is relatively stable!

Well, that is kind of a quick catch-up as to what I have been up to the past 19 months.  I have a lot of pictures I would like to share with you from my travels but for now it is 12:07 AM and I think I am going to call it a night.  Stay tuned for pictures!

 “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta



1 thought on “Long time no see!”

  1. This is an amazing summary of your trips you’ve been on! You really motivate me to travel more. Continue on your adventures, and thanks for sharing with us!! ❤️


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