From Rochester NY through Ontario Canada and onto Port Huron MI

May 17th 2018 continued…

Well, in my blog world it is now May 9th and after waking up in Rochester it was time to head north toward Ontario.  My friend I met with before heading on this trip advised me to make sure I used the bathroom and filled up before approaching the border so after driving awhile I realized I was pretty close to the border so I got gas, stopped for lunch and used the restroom…I was lucky!  I was only in line for less than 5 minutes at both stops…piece of cake.  The line for the big rigs was very long but the line for cars/RV’s went pretty smoothly.  I was not planning going off the route my navigation set for me because once before when I was visiting Northern Vermont I had wanted to take a side-trip into Montreal but it didn’t appear I could put Canada into my navigation system.  Turns out I can…just type the state in as Canada…live and learn! Knowing I could go off the planned route I did decided to spend a little time touring a bit of Ontario’s Wine Country.  I did stop and purchase two wines at the Peninsula Ridge Winery…a Chardonnay and a Riesling.  They were okay but not the flavors advertised.  I will say Ontario’s Wine Country is as pretty as the Finger Lake Region of New York.  

The next set of images are some I took going into, driving around and through to Port Huron. I will say when I saw the price of gas in Canada I was very happy I had filled up before crossing and I did not need gas until until I got to Mackinaw City on the 10th.  Oh yeah…I saw a sign showing the speed limit at 100 and it threw me for a minute…100 km…60 MPH!!  

 One thing I wanted to do in Port Huron MI was go down to the water after dinner but driving to my hotel I was a little wary of the area.  The neighborhood where the hotel was located was fine but the area around it was a bit run down and I had no idea where the waterfront was at that point so I decided to play it safe and just have dinner and call it a day.  Kind of kicked myself the next day…very safe area and there would have been some wonderful sunset shots…like I said before…live and learn! It was going to be a minimum of 4 hours to Mackinaw City MI so I only had a few hours to enjoy Port Huron.  After breakfast I headed over to Fort Gratiot Light.  There were some teens and a few adults painting the lighthouse so I had to kind of work around them to get my images but worked with me a few minutes.  

  Next I headed over to Blue Water River Park…what a beautiful spot! The Blue Water Bridge is so expansive (well not nearly as expansive as the Mackinac Bridge) and the water so clean and clear! The park so clean!     

My final stop before moving onto Mackinaw City MI was the Thomas Edison Parkway Boardwalk.  Again, amazingly clean park with water so clear you could almost feel it would be okay to dip a cup into it and have a drink! And you still get a view of that beautiful bridge!  Could you image living in one of those homes across the street from the park?  

 And of course, no trip with me would be complete without some “general” images of my travels from one destination to the other so those will end this day of travel as I arrive in Mackinaw City MI at my home away from home from the 10th to the 13th at the Best Western Plus…walking distance to much in the area. The picture of the open road in front of me…it was about 5:00…rush hour traffic!!  🙂  It does stay dark here until almost 10 PM…tough when you have been playing tourist all day and are beat but want to get out there and get those sunset/blue hour photos!  I really have about a 2 hour debate with myself about where or not I am going to be able to do it…so far I am not winning! Can’t forget to mention that the temp as I was heading out of Port Huron into the countryside was getting to be about 81 degrees but as I neared Mackinaw City the temp dropped to 61 degrees…being around the water it can get a bit chilly!     

I am going to share some pictures from my Best Western Plus hotel…mainly because I am not there any more but it really was a nice place with a great view off my balcony of the lake and some of the area. Oh…and let’s not forget my first dinner in town at The Lighthouse restaurant right down the road!  A glass of wine, a couple yummy crab cakes, some shrimp cocktail and a good hearty salad!  Does a body good!   

Ending my post for the day because it is after 10:30 PM and I am beat…but all caught up through the 10th.  Once again, thanks for traveling with me and keeping me company! 

                         “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar

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