Brooklyn Bridge/Walk to Manhattan and a cab ride back

May 16, 2018 

So, for the Brooklyn trip today’s post is related to May 3, 2018.  The day started with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge…though I loved the fact I could walk over the bridge I loved the architecture you could see from the bridge and stuff you could see while walking the bridge. Shadows, reflections, the skyline and all the water towers!  I was asked the first day of the trip what I think of when I think of New York…my first response was the people…and then of course the noise!  And I know the essence of Brooklyn is different from the essence of Manhattan but now when I think of New York I will forever think of water towers…they are everywhere!  

The one thing is seems you must do when walking the bridge is get a photo or two of those various cabs passing below you.  I didn’t get the look I wanted…live and learn, I had the camera set on the wrong ISO.  Wish I could have figured it out sooner but still like the cabs passing below me…especially the yellow cabs!  

The architecture and views in the area are amazing…see the blurry distant image of the Statue of Liberty in the background behind the Staten Island Ferry?  Buildings reflecting into buildings…the fine details in the designs of the building?  Awesome stuff! 

Remember I mentioned the water towers around Brooklyn?  These are just a few seen primarily from the bridge…but they are everywhere and you will see them in some of my other groupings of pictures…my eye just seemed to spot them everywhere and some of them are quite lovely. 

After crossing the bridge into Manhattan we made a stop or two before heading to the subway…I had never been on a NY subway before but other than the pain of getting up and down the stairs it was doable and not what I consider crowded until we got on one heading back to Brooklyn after spending a day at Grand Central Station and Union Square…but that is another day. Stop to smell the flowers…the prettier side of NY…flowers at City Hall Plaza and a quick trip through Columbus Park.    

Time to get on the subway and head for the St. Paul’s Church (renovations going on so no pictures of the church but I did get a few of the cemetary), the 9/11 Memorial, and The Oculus.  I am posting pictures of the 9/11 Memorial and the Freedom Tower separate…they deserve there own space…respect! The Oculus, if you are not aware, is the new subway station at the 9/11 Memorial and it is also a shopping center.  It is not fully occuppied and it appears there is still a lot of work going on inside but it is quite an architectural feat!  

The 9/11 Memorial and the Freedom Tower.  Included with these pictures will be some of the flowers left by the names of the souls who passed because it is there birthday.  We were told the red flowers are left by volunteers who work there and the white flowers are left by family members.  I have since found out that is untrue…the white flowers are left by the volunteers, the red by family members.  It made me better to think the white were left by family members because there were more white roses the day I was there.  I understand that there were many on the planes and in the buildings on that day from all over the world.  It is nice that the volunteers can do this when family can not make it there…no one will be forgotten!  I did not make it over to the North Memorial…not enough time but I did get just about every angle of the South Memorial…the right corner commemorates those from Boston.  Reach out and put a hand on the names of those lost souls and try not to cry. 

So much sadness in one small area! It’s hard to know where to go after experiencing all of the emotion the memorial evokes but I can’t just end my post so I decided to give you a little taste of New York in order to move on because life did move on in New York after that tragedy while still remembering those souls lost.  A bank turned into a CVS?  The beautiful and colorful people, the lovely buildings, tattoos, there is nothing like New York!    

After leaving the memorial it was time to head for a quick light lunch before heading up onto the High Line…I can’t remember the name of the deli we ate at but it is right below the High Line but everyone agreed it was pretty tasty.  Fortunately for me, there was an elevator up to the High Line so I didn’t have to climb all those steps.  When walking to the elevator I happened to look up…I got a picture of the message!  

After this our day was done…myself and my friend opted to take a cab back to the hotel rather than go back on the subway…she has had both knees replaced and neither of us could take much more walking around though she did go out with the group after dinner I did not have it in me to even go out for dinner since I was in so much pain.  I did go to dinner in the hotel and it was delicious without all the walking around.  So my final pictures for the day are the cab ride back and pictures out my hotel window at sunset…not as pretty as shots down at the river but the closest I would get this night!   

It is now May 4, 2018 and we are up and out to go visit Grand Central Station and Union Square.  We did take the subway but no pictures.  We had a permit to take set up our tripods and take pictures between 10 AM and Noon…we got there a little after 9 AM. Because we were are Grand Central Station for several hours I am going to post my pictures in groups before commenting again on Union Square and posting those pictures.  GCS was not as busy as it thought it would be but people watching is fun and trying to be inconspicous with a camera is not easy! Pictures start with a little of the interior architecture…(Just discovered I do have subway pictures heading to GCS…those will now have to wait until the end…)  

Then we move onto people moving on the escalators…yes…some of the people are meant to be blurry…

Next…we have the flag and clock over the information booth, an antique mailbox still in use and a beautiful water fountain not to mention the beautiful chandeliers.  


And then…we have the windows and more lights…this place is massive and beautiful!  Can you almost envision yourself back 100 years or more ago dressed in your “finery” heading for a train to your summer home?  🙂  I can! 

I walked around the station before, during and after our permit hours…so posting what I call “fun shots” and ending with some people watching shots…

Now…though out of order…those subway shots to GCS!  Can’t believe I forgot I had pictures…DOH!  We have 2 people from our photo group, some flamingo shots for a friend with a passion for flamingos, lining up for the subway, and a picture of a story for the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  

Next up we move on to have a little lunch (sadly we ended up at Panera because where we wanted to go was really busy though the food was good it is not my favorite place) before heading over to Union Square…interesting people like the “We are One” guy (as Don, one of our photo people said…”it is like a bad accident…you don’t want to look but you have to and once you do you can never forget”) and the “Free Hug” guy…great story with this guy!  My friend engaged him in conversation after he saw her trying to get a picture of the “We are One” guy…he told her he was famous too…she said she had heard about him…he said (and I hope I remember the story correctly!) he used to be in a gang and had a lot of anger issues but got himself good and now just wants to give hugs…hugs are free…a picture with him will cost you $5…she gave him a hug…and though I was watching them the whole time…I missed getting a shot of their hug because the “We are One” guy distracted me!  I can’t remember if I got a picture or not but there was also a woman with a cardboard sign that said “Let’s talk Kanya West…only $5“…I told her I wished I had $5 on me…I would sit and have as lengthy a conversation as she allowed for the money!  She laughed and told the guy next to her…”see, I told you people would be interested in the topic!”  HAHA…she was funny! Now the chess players are also cool…especially the guy who engaged in a game of chess with a young lady who had to be maybe 6 or 7…when she saw the table she started running toward them then turned back and asked her Mom if it was ok to play, Mom said yes and she ran to the table…she made her first move and then the guy asked her if she was sure that was the move she wanted to make…she said yes and he responded…ok, if you stay there I will be able to do this or this and showed her the two moves then asked her again if she was sure that was the move she wanted to make…she stood firm…the game when on like this with her making a move and him verbally challenging her as they went…he was teaching her and it was fun to watch though I had to move on before it ended…usually when I am taking pictures that will include children I introduce myself and ask permission from the parent first but these two were so engaging I didn’t want to move on…I did ask them Mom and she said it was okay…

Next is the “interesting” people portion of this post…starting with of course, the Harikrishnans…did not think they were still a “thing” since I haven’t heard anything about them in forever…you know…no stories, sightings or posts since the late 70’s!  There was a beautiful young woman eating lunch…she didn’t seem to mind the idea of me taking her picture but kept putting her head down when she felt I was lifting my camera…there was another beautiful young lady with 2 guys…I thought she was stunningly beautiful and I showed her to one of the guys in the group…he said “yeah, she’s pretty”…really!  🙂  You can’t be at a park in the city without at least one food truck…at least one homeless person and a whole bunch of beautiful colors! 

From here we go to birds, flowers and the dog park within the park…

From the dogs having a little fun…we go to random shots at the park…

I went out to dinner with the group at the end of the day and thought I had pictures of our dinner at Pedro’s but I can’t find them…the food was awesome!!  I tried my best to head to the water for night pictures but got part of the way there and was in so much pain I just stopped to cry…fortunately Ron and my friend Joni had stayed with me and Ron ran to get me a cab and back to the hotel I went…so sad I missed that night and my timing might be off…well, I know it is off because I missed Coney Island, Chinatown and Little Italy too!!  I really have to look into a fix for my hip and neck pain and now that I am on my MI trip I contacted a chiropractor back home and made an appt…might not be the fix I need but it is the first fix I am going for!!

So we come to the last night…dinner at Queen with the group….a wonderful Italian restaurant (got there by cab with Joni & Co), did a little walking afterward with Joni to grab a cab and get back to the hotel…that is Joni and Don “posing” around the bottle of wine and that is an excellent bottle of wine that Joni had recommended…and it was excellent…I shared the picture with a friend when I got home and had lunch with her and she was able to find it….not sure she tried it yet because no word about her opinion of it but everyone at the table that tried it agreed…a most excellent wine!!  I think the little white haired guy’s name was Frankie…but it might have been Georgie…the memory fades at my age when a few weeks have passed but he was very gracious and spent much time talking to us and checking in with us…

The end of the day after we got back to the hotel Joni and I decided to have a little dessert…the image of the bill is not to let you know what we spent for dessert but to give you the name of the restaurant…Saltbrick Tavern!…though they are in the Hilton hotel we stayed at it turns out they are not part of the hotel and you can’t charge anything to your room…

Last day in the hotel we all got together in the breakfast area and shared a few of our chosen photos for critique from Don and Ron…I don’t have photos that the group shared…just letting you know this is how we ended our last morning there before heading home.  Joni once again agreed to drive so all I had to do was bring our luggage out to the sidewalk when she went to get the car and off to home we headed!  To Joni and Irwin…it was not necessary to include me in your dinner plans once we got home but thank you for including me in your plans at Chill in Marlboro…that was so delicious and I have told at least a half dozen people about what a yummy place this is!! Interesting story about the picture of the tunnels…shortly after we got through those there was a truck that had gone from the southbound lanes through a cut-through onto our northbound lane…all traffic had to stop for this dummy…seems he was on supposed to be on the Emmitt Parkway which doesn’t allow trucks…there was a police car sitting up ahead of where he was and I guess he was trying to avoid police detection…the sad part was because he was not supposed to be there the bridges and tunnels were not meant to accomodate his truck…he was in a rental and guessing he was not meant to be driving a CDL vehicle!  Everytime he approached a bridge he would go from the right lane (which wouldn’t give him the height he needed) into the left lane but would almost come to a stop as he was doing it and then go back to the right lane…while talking to someone on the phone!!!  Scary dumb ass move!!  

This ends our May 2, 2018 through May 6, 2018 adventure…and I got home after 8:30 PM on the 6th and had lunch plans with a friend and needed to get an oil change before meeting my sister for design plan decisions for her furniture purchase for the new condo she bought…YEAH on the sale of her home and purchase of her new condo!!!  Lunch plans were to talk to my friend Karen about what to see and do in MI for my current trip…she grew up in the UP…who better to talk to!!  Thank you Karen for all your advise!  

Moving onto the UP through NY…starting at Montour Falls…every watch the Aurora Teagarden movies on the Hallmark Movie channel?  If yes, you have seen the Montour Falls at the end of Main St (though not really at the end of Main St) in Montour Falls NY…I stopped here on my way to Rochester NY for my first stay on my way to MI…

I discovered there were many falls in the area but 2 that I had put on my list were in the same park that was not opening until May 15…and I was there the 8th…moving on to try to find my next waterfall…couldn’t find it until I was driving out of town heading toward Rochester…and there it was…but before I get there I want to share some shots around town…it is a lovely little town worth a short trip out of your way if you are traveling in the area…

A couple of my favorite type of pictures…a crusty and rusty!  I love these as much as the pictures of old barns/farms…there would is a version of crusty and rusty…those will follow as I continue to drive through upstate NY, Ontario and MI…be on the look out!!  

I started having problems/issues with Google as I continue to post…I have been at this a few hours…neck pain is coming back…took some Tylenol…think I will take a break at this point to rest and relax again…maybe since it is 6:00 PM have a little dinner…and if I feel up to it continue to post.  It is now May 16…I am still a few days behind and I very much want to catch up…I check out of my current location tomorrow and still have not 100% determined my stop tomorrow!  I now know my friend Karen who suggested stops in MI is now in MI and she will arrive in her hometown of Houghton tonight.  I want to meet up with her at some point soon-before heading southeast toward home…working on my plan for the next few days…stay with me…more fun to come!!

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