Brooklyn/Manhatten continued

Still May 15, 2018 

So after returning from RI I was home for, I think, a day and a half before packing up and meeting up with my friend Joni for our photography trip to Brooklyn!  I hate driving in the city and was very happy that she agreed to drive…that and the lease is up on my car in mid-June and I was trying to keep miles down so I could do this MI trip…Thank you Joni!!  We got to our hotel early and headed for out in search of a meal…a light lunch.  The young man in our hotel had suggested the DeKalb Market just up the street…off we walked…I just want to say now that though I push myself through all pain on my trips this one was hard from moment one!  But I walked as much of it as I could…I walked 14 miles between 5/2 and 5/6 and I missed much of the end of our trip here…I missed Coney Island, Chinatown, Little Italy…a few night trips to Blue Hour…it sucks being in so much pain that you just have to stop and cry!!  Shout out to Don, Ron, Rick representing Hunt’s Photography and all others in our group for having my back…Joni, Bob, Amy and Colleen…you were all so patient!!  They all walked beyond my 14 miles…somewhere between 22-29 miles!  Good lord!  An amazing 5 day adventure!!!  

A few pictures to share from our first day in Brooklyn!  

After getting settled into our rooms we headed to the DeKalb Market…recommended by the young man at the desk at our hotel (all the staff at this Hilton were amazing!! Hilton should send all of their new employees here for training!!)…maybe a 2-3 block walk…partially uphill…survived! We got breakfast sandwiches (though it was after 1 PM) at the Bread and Spread!!  So many dining options here…but this was the best choice I do believe!  Delicious but also check out the Japanese Crepes and all things Katz’s!  

So…tummy’s full and part of lunch walked off we headed back to the hotel…needed to meet up with our group! And before you know it…we are off for the bridge…did I mention I walked 14 miles during the time we were there…and I was the wimp of the group?  Good times!!  

And then….drum roll…we start to get into sunset and the infamous blue hour!!!  My favorite parts of the day when I am around water!  I know some basics of photography since I am a novice at this whole thing….but I learned a lot just this one night with these fine people!!  So patient and willing to suggest what will give you the best photos!  Are all my photos great…nope!  Still learning and excited about learning what will get me to where I want to be….Thank You Hunt’s for helping me get there!!  

And what comes next??  🙂  

And now…?? 

Landscapes, fire escapes, architecture, hell…I love it all!! 

A little bit of sunset on the city makes the city feel a bit more like home!  Pretty, clean, promise of a new day coming…


And then we arrive into the “blue hour”…

Backing up a bit because I got to sunset before I finished the day…enjoy sunset but stick around to see the rest of the area!  🙂 I loved the architecture of the area, the graffiti, all the shadows and reflections.  

How much do you love this city??  This is just a little taste of the city!  There is so much to see and enjoy! Adding more photos for my walk around the city…day one in Brooklyn was just so busy…hope you are enjoying day one as much as I did! 

There is so much random cool things to see and experience!  We did stop for dinner at Ignazio’s…great little Italian place with an excellent pizza (so I was told…I had the salad with sliced chicken…don’t have that), calzones and sandwiches!  No food shots from there but they do have some cool interior features…

 And that ends day one in Brooklyn…tomorrow we are walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and heading into Manhattan but for now I need to leave you hanging while I pack my bags and move onto my next destination!  Did I mention I am in Michigan right now?  Yep…after leaving Brooklyn I was home for a day to do laundry and spend a few hours with family before I hopped in the car and headed west.  More on Brooklyn to follow later today (hopefully!).  









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