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Brooklyn Bound!

May 15, 2018

Since I left Middletown RI a few weeks ago I went to Brooklyn, NY/Manhatten, NY then went home for…24 hours?  My granddaughter came to me the morning I was leaving again to say…”WHAT?  You just got home and you are leaving us again?”…Yep…Brooklyn/Manhatten was from May 2 through May 6…I was home all day on the 7th to try to get a few things done and I left at 6:20 on the 8th!!  Drove onto Montour Falls NY…ever watched the Hallmark Mystery Movie with the massive waterfall at the end of the Main St??  Yep…that is in Montour Falls NY and when I was watching the movie I goggled to see where it was filmed….that was last year and I put it on my “bucket list” and made that my first stop on the way to MI!  I have made a number of stops since and plan to see as much of MI as I can and may or may not be able to see Chicago this trip…but if I can’t…I can always fly there at some other point.  Chicago is on my short bucket list…MI was too but I am making that happen now so that is coming off the short list!!  🙂

I have many pictures to post!!  Let me regroup in the AM to see what I can post before I move onto my next destination.  I don’t want you to think I am forgetting you…I just can’t stay still long enough to get caught up!!  Bear with me…I’ll get there!!  See you in the AM

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