Newport/Middletown/Jamestown RI

May 1, 2018

Continuing on….all caught up on #Nantucket (lovely trip…hope you enjoyed it with me)…have you figured out the ocean/beach areas are my primary draw?  Smiley face inserted here…not sure exactly what it is but the smell/sound/feel of ocean area just grabs me and makes my heart feel peaceful!! And of course, give me more than a few hours of downtime and I will get on the internet to find my next trip!  I had no particular reason for heading toward #Newport other than it is a beautiful area!  Since my hotel of choice is the #HiltonHotel chain and #Middletown RI was the closest to #Newport I headed for Middletown…a great little town central to #Newport, #Portsmouth and #Jamestown

These photos are my #Hampton Inn Middletown RI hotel room and views from my room.  I loved the first picture…full disclosure…not one I took but I love it since it is a composite of several pictures.  I arrived late in the day because I wanted to enjoy watching my granddaughter play in her second soccer game…not sharing pictures but it was a precious thing to watch!   

Once again it was to be a short trip…April 28-30 and it rained on the 29th…however, it cleared early enough for me to get a quick bite for dinner (#Anthony’s Seafood in #Middletown was recommend by the young man at the front desk of the #HamptonINN and oh yeah…good food!!) and then head out for some sunset shots and some full moon shots.  I was told that #Beavertail State Park would probably be the best place to get some good sunset shots…and though the day had cleared it was clouding up again and sunset approached…some sprinkles with the clouds but after dinner I did head to #Beavertail State Park…so this was the beginning of sunset as I left #Anthony’s Seafood

Heading over to #Beavertail SP requires crossing the #Jamestown Bridge…so we get dusk…

And of course the #Jamestown Bridge at sunset…sorry there are so many but the colors were spectacular…well, in my opinion! 

Next up is #Jamestown Beavertail State Park at sunset…though lovely not as spectacular as I thought it would be though I did get to see the #lighthouse, a very cool set up by a couple enjoying the night with a table, lights and a bottle of wine, and the beginnings of the #fullPinkMoon. You will notice a shot taken from my driver side mirror…I love doing that when my side mirror is clean enough to give me a good back side shot!  

As I was returning toward #Jamestown Bridge in the hopes of getting a shot of the #fullPinkMoon coming up over the bridge I stopped at an unnamed beach because the image of the moon just reached out and grabbed me…the last shot is a panoramic from my phone (heck…most of these are from my phone) of one side of the beach to the other…

After leaving here I was still intending to head back toward the #Jamestown Bridge in the hopes of getting a shot of the moon rising over the bridge but….I got deterred at the #Jamestown Marina…so much “Blue Hour” photo ops I could not ignore…and very few people out there enjoying those photo ops!! These, I feel, are some of the best photos I have ever taken…even that “shadow selfie”!  The last two here…I think maybe the best I will ever take!!!  Love, Love, Love those last two shots!!!  

Ending this grouping of photos for the night with a collection of random #Middletown/Jamestown photos….

And of course…we have the next day…which started out dreary and drizzling but was supposed to be a few hours of the morning…so where do I go for a few hours before heading home to meet up with my sister for a little furniture shopping at #LazyBoy…for new furniture for the condo that she just won in a bidding war!!  🙂  In a complex she has wanted to live in for several years now…!!! So…a few places on my list some requiring more time than others but one was on my way home so if the drizzle wasn’t going to let up then at least I was on my way home!!  I saw a sign for this place on my way into #Middletown on Saturday but it was late in the day and it was closed…I was curious so though drizzling and not sure if I would be able to do it, off I went!  As soon as I pulled into the parking lot the drizzle stopped and I was thanked for bringing the sunshine with me…well, it was trying to get through the clouds though it did drizzle off/on while I was there as soon as I got back in my car the drizzle turned to rain and as I was going north toward home it got heavier…the rain Gods were on my side for the better part of the day!!  This place…#Green Animals Topiary Garden…in Portsmouth RI is a must-see…and I told my friend about it and we will be coming back in a few weeks when there is more growth in the gardens…awesome place!  I use an app which I have mentioned before…#rGPS…which stands for “really great photo shots“…this place is not included on the app…I thought I would be able to add it but…though I took shots from my phone I did not take them through the app so though I could add this place to the app with my photos I can not….(sorry Mary, thought I knew what I was doing!!)…when I go there in a few weeks I will take photos through the app and add this location to the app…this is a “must see” place!!  I am going to try to add this to #TripAdvisor though because I didn’t see it there either!  

So…you know what comes next…#GreenAnimalsTopiaryGarden flowers.   

Here are some pictures of the overall gardens at the #GreenAnimalsTopiary Gardens

This place is gorgeous…beautiful grounds, beautiful house, wonderful employees…special shout out to Mary who is an excellent house tour guide and wonderful story teller…I really enjoyed our long talks…about the house and side conversation!!  Can’t wait to come back next month! And to all those that do the house tours in and around Newport…high five…you all do a great job and are dedicated to what you do and you exude that pride to those that come to enjoy the homes…at least that is what I have felt on every #Newport area tour I have done!!  

The pictures below are some of the trees around the property…#12 (if I counted correctly) is a close up of the bark from the tree in the photo before it…it just intrigued me…and then of course we once again get an attempt to include a picture of the WHOLE 160 yr old tree on the property…I think this is the closest I am going to get to the whole tree!  

You can’t ignore the actual topiary though these will look much better the next time I go there next month…giraffes, teddies, man on a horse, unicorn, Spot the dog, Yew Rooster, etc…I hope most are identifiable but if not that you are intrigued enough to go to #Portsmouth RI#Green Animals Topiary Garden and check it out…the staff, especially #Mary will treat you very well and answer all your questions!!  Sorry…lots of topiary BUT….that is why you go!!  

 Before we enter the house…I want to share some miscellaneous pictures of the area/property….love the bird…never saw a bird that color and no idea what it is but I love it…some of the last pictures are from when I was approaching the house and saw that the road just seemed to end into Narragansett Bay…it does!!  If you are driving here…pay attention…and then you have the railroad tracks that used to bring the family here from Fall River to the home during the summer season…yep…dropped them off right in front of their home!  The third picture is I believe sap running from the tree though there was no bucket to catch sap so ???  

I might be missing a folder of pictures I took but I want to take you to the home on the property now…I got into an excellent conversation with the tour guide and my hip was bothering me so though I toured the lower level of the home I was short on time and I would have loved to have gone up to the second (and see 3rd) level of the home.  As I was told the family bought the home and summered here every year until the wife died…after that a chauffer came here twice a week to collect fruits and vegetables until the owner died and his daughter (#Alice Brayton) inherited the property…#Alice Brayton had asked her father not to be matched with anyone and be allowed to remain single…her father agreed and after her father passed she opened the home again and entertained many great people over the years…if I remember correctly she lived to be 94…the stories I was told were awesome…you want to hear them?  Go visit #GreenAnimalsTopiaryGarden…!   Alice was a very beautiful young lady…she was a very beautiful older woman! Go…listen to what Mary will share with you and explore the home…I guarantee you will love the story and the home!!  $17.50 admission covers all…Triple A…get a discount!  Just go!!!  When she passed at 94 the property was turned over to these kind and knowledgeable people!

Last few photos for this #Middletown RI trip are storm sky/sunset related…and then I am off to sleep to rest up for tomorrows trip to NY…car is packed except for a few things…continue to follow me on my travels!  I love having you come along with me!!

                                                                 ” I’ll look back on this and smile because it was life and I decided to live it”  Adventure in You 

Normally I end a post after my selected quote…but I will be moving onto NY in a few hours…so I just wanted to repeat…thank you to all that follow me…thank you to all that read my posts even if you don’t follow and please share my blog with everyone you know!!  

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