May 1, 2018

Sorry for the delay in continuing my Nantucket post/pictures but it has been busy, busy, busy…I got home on the 26th and left again on the 28th for Middletown RI…I wanted to visit Newport but since my hotel chain of choice on 99% of my travel is the Hilton Hotels and the closest was in Middletown off to Middletown I went…I returned home on the 30th and am leaving for Brooklyn NY tomorrow at 7 AM and when I return from Brooklyn on, I think, the 6th I will be leaving for a trip to Michigan…I have been wanting to go the UP of Michigan for years and all of those ads have started again for “Pure Michigan” so off I go…leaving on the 8th and am leaving most of the trip open…have to be home by the 30th of May but might be home sooner…yeah, will miss Mother’s Day with family as well as two of my grandson’s birthdays on the 15th and 19th if I stay away the full time but I have made arrangements to be included in a gift for the younger one (turning 13 this year) and the older one won’t be home from college until July so I have time to get his gift covered before he gets home.  🙂  

So…back to Nantucket!  I mentioned in the original post about Nantucket that I rented a cherry red Mini Cooper…now you get to see it!  It was the cutest car I ever rented though the cherry red Fiat I rented in South Padre Island TX was a contender also…this little Mini Cooper doesn’t need a key to start…there is a little red tab in the center that starts and stops the car though there is a “fob” that needs to be in the car.  Also the rear view camera is high def and gives a better image than my 42″ HD TV!  

I was only to be on Nantucket April 24-26 and it rained on the 25th so I never left the cottage…my ferry back to Hyannis was late in the day so I was up and out of the cottage as soon as I could to try to see as many things on my list as I could before heading to the ferry.  My first stop was the Sankaty Head Lighthouse and though foggy I was able to get a few good pictures.  Since it was still a “stormy” day with the fog and all I could hear waves crashing down below but a very high fence kept me from getting really close I did manage to get a shot of the crashing waves.  

My next stop was to be a few beaches but the primary beach was the Madaket Beach…not sure what the name of the other beach was that I stopped at but there you will see what turned out to be deer tracks in the sand and as you will see in another set of pictures I will post I did find deer! Of course, with beaches you get boats too so enjoy the boats.  

My next stops were looking for the Oldest House and the Oldest Mill.  The Oldest House is the Jethro Coffin House.  Built in 1686, is the oldest house on Nantucket in its original location and is the only surviving structure from the island’s 17th century English settlement. The Oldest Mill was built in 1746, it is the oldest functioning mill in the United States.

Next up on my list of things to see was the Brant Point Light…located close to the Coast Guard Light I got a shot of it from land but also from the ferry as we were leaving the island.  I think the one from the ferry came out pretty good considering it was taken through a slight sea salt sprayed window!  I had a picture of the Coast Guard Light but it is not in my Nantucket folders…where oh where did I put it??  I lost some Montauk pictures because I put them in another folder and I found them today so before I post Middletown RI pictures I will post those long lost Montauk pictures.  

Because I was driving around the island looking for specific landmarks I of course have a bunch of random pictures also…I will explain all these but post them in small groups…I mentioned in my original post that the weekend after I left was Daffodil Festival weekend Friday-Sunday…as I was driving around there were daffodils planted randomly everywhere!  Next picture is showing how small the street signs were (sometimes they were stones with the street name carved in…missed most of the time until Google Maps told me to do a U-Turn…next up we have a tree that caught my attention near the Sankaty Head Light overlooking a golf course..next there is a house which is typical Nantucket but it got my attention because of the way the hedges were trained for form an opening…this house, I noticed as I was taking the left turn at the end of the road, had a sign over the front door with the name of the house…”Hedges About“!  The next one I thought the fog was getting worse but as it turned out after driving through this for several miles (and it did smell!) was exhaust fumes from a truck in front of me…there was so much exhaust that I could not see until it was turning away from me that it was actually a truck causing the “fog”!  The last 3 pictures in this group are self explanatory…I just liked them.  

The rest of the random pictures will be explained…the deer were spotted out of the corner of my eye as I was getting in my car to leave this unnamed beach…remember the pictures above with the deer prints in the sand?  Here are the deer…sad that they were moving so fast I could only get these two pictures!  The flowers are just pretty…the bench was at Head Long Pond…as was that strange “twig”…I took a picture of the “twig” because when I first saw it I thought…giraffe!  Then I thought alien from one of the movies my grandson likes to watch…though I don’t remember the name of the movie!  A picture you get at about every sea side town…lobster buoys!  The “Hedge About” house again, the Nantucket Basket Museum, bubble glass and a flower box!  I loved Nantucket…I hope you did too!!!  

A few last pictures before I go…some of my favorite birds from the island!  


I want to mention a few places I would have liked to have visited while on the island…Cisco Brewers was highly recommended by the lovely woman I spoke to at Affordable Rentals…I checked out their website and I would have gone there on the 25th if not for the heavy rain.  I also wanted to check out the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge but that would have taken more time on the 26th than I had…if not for the rain I would have gone there the 25th…and lastly, The Old Gaol…an old jail!  I just ran out of time on the 26th for this!  There are some other places I would have checked out if I had rented a Jeep…vehicle rentals are very expensive on this lovely little island…most places I visit my car rental is $30-35 a day…on Nantucket my lovely little Mini Cooper was $129 a day before any additional charges…if I was a healthier person I would rent a bike for much less…the Jeep if I remember correctly was $225 a day…when I say a day I mean for a 24 hr period and if taken back before the end of the 24 hr period…no credit!  Gas was $3.75 a gallon when I filled the car before returning it…fortunately I only needed 4.973 gallons and still it was just under $19!   

Would I come here again?  Definitely!!!  This island is amazing…as I mentioned previously I thought I had been here about 30 years ago but wandering the island I know I have not.  I think Martha’s Vineyard might have a little more to offer but Nantucket has it’s own charm that can not be ignored!! With all the places in the world to visit, heck…just in the good old USA to visit it is rare that I want to keep going back to the same places but there are a handful of New England places that are always going to draw me back!  

(In the interest of full disclosure I want to say two things…I am not a professional photographer…it is a pleasurable hobby! and…I started putting locations I mention in BOLD type for self serving reasons…I want to draw people to my blog and I am hoping by putting places in BOLD type that when those places are Googled I will show up also…I would really like to draw people to my blog!  I have 106 followers from here to China…I would like more!!  Spread the word!!  And thank you for traveling with me!)

                                              “Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.” – Karen Gibbs


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