Nantucket…a little island time!

April 24, 2018

On the road again.  I spent a few nights in Hyannis though I got sick the first night from something I ate so I did not leave the room until it was time to check out yesterday.  I had a lovely breakfast at The Daily Paper.  I chose this place because I had dinner at a place with the same name up in Vermont but it turns out the one in Hyannis is not related and they only serve breakfast and lunch.  Their breakfast menu includes a section offering healthy options…I had the egg white burrito wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and a small dish of fruit.  Yummy!!  

Tummy full I decided to head over to the ferry parking lot and catch a shuttle to the ferry knowing I would be very early…but not really enough time to explore.  There I sat on the shuttle with Robert…the shuttle driver.  He offered to take me over early but he said it would be colder over there and no place to get out of the wind.  We had some great conversation.  This is his second career…he is 68 and was retired for a few years but after his wife passed away 3 years ago he decided it was time to go back to work.  Now he has cancer and he gets treatments every other week.  Considering some of the things he has been through in the past few years he has a wonderful sense of humor and is very entertaining!  

The ferry ride over to the island took an hour…the fast ferry!  Then time to walk to Affordable Rentals to pick up my Mini Cooper rental…a cute little cherry red convertible!  It was 58 when I got there and with the convertibles I had in the past my general rule was the top doesn’t go down until the temperature is at least 70 but those were in my working years when I had to drive 84 miles round trip to work and home doing 65-70 on the highway and here in Nantucket I would not be going over 35 and in most areas about 20-25 so the top went down!  Well, that and my bags were too big to fit in the trunk and I had to put the top down to get them in the back seat!  Hahaha!  No pictures of the car to post right now because I forgot to take them!  Glad I enjoyed the top down yesterday because it is raining today and is supposed to be a little rainy/foggy when I check out tomorrow.  Haven’t been very lucky in my travels this year…seems to be raining to some extent everywhere I have gone!  

Having been given some instructions and tips about the island I was off to go find my home away from home…The Cottages! But before I tell that story I want to post a few pictures of my ferry ride over…they were taken with the phone through sea and salt sprayed windows so they are not perfect but you get to see them anyway! 

I thought I had been to Nantucket many many years ago but as soon as I got off the ferry I realized I had not been here…I have been to Martha’s Vineyard 3-4 times in my life but now I can cross Nantucket off my list of things to see (though I will probably be back!).  I discovered The Cottages while feeding my addiction…playing Solitaire on my phone.  In between games ads come up.  I use Booking.com on occasion and an ad came up for Booking.com but it was featuring The Cottages.  I thought I want to be there and I went to Booking.com and booked my stay!!  It was not difficult to find from the car rental office but there is virtually no parking and after two calls and them sending staff over to find me (haha) I was shown where to park…in the Stop & Shop parking lot!  They have an arrangement for 4-5 parking spots.  I got a golf cart ride over to the reception area and then a golf cart ride to my cottage.  Time for a picture post….The inside has a kitchen/dining/living area with a large smart tv and there is a bedroom and bath off of that.  The bedroom also has a tv just not as big as the one in the other room.  There is also a nice little sitting area outside and of course there is a picture of my view when I open the door!  I will confess to enjoying a glass of wine while sitting in one of the chairs after taking my evening walk.

After getting settled in I took a walk around the piers and around the area before heading over to the Stop & Shop for some healthy breakfast and dinner options.  It is a lovely area but man…I’m glad I was walking because the streets are narrow and parking is just not there.  The sidewalks are brick and stone and the streets are cobblestone…couldn’t imagine trying to walk them in the winter when there is snow and ice!  I forgot to mention…when having my conversation with Robert he asked me when I was coming home I told him Thursday…he said my timing was good if I don’t like crowds because all the ferries from Friday-Sunday are sold out…because the Daffodil Festival is Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!  This place was crazy on Tuesday when I got here with all the kids getting off the ferry…I can’t imagine what it will be like here while the festival is going on!!  

After putting my groceries away and checking in with my family, I grabbed my camera and headed out around the piers to see what dusk and sunset I might be able to find…it wasn’t a glorious sunset considering the clouds were coming in for todays storm but I did catch a little color. 

While walking around I also got some pictures of some birds in the area, life reflecting in the water and a grouping of pictures that include the birds but what I called ripples and splashes…

The first pictures are a couple gulls and a few birds catching and eating dinner! 

Then we have the reflections…

Then ripples and splashes….

So, that was my afternoon, early evening in Hyannis to Nantucket.  I hope you enjoyed my story and my pictures.  I may go out later today because though it is raining off and on it is not constant and the sky keeps trying to brighten up!  If not, I will be up and out early tomorrow to see as much of the island as I can before heading to return my car and get to the ferry by 2:30.  If I can get additional pictures I will continue my story…thanks for coming along with me!!

                                                       “Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.” – Karen Gibbs

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