April 13 2018 continued

Now that you have been updated on the end of the Montauk trip, here is a little bit about the start of the Kennebunk ME story!  I got here a little before 4:00 yesterday and was so hungry so I settled into my room at the Hampton Inn, checked TripAdvisor to see what restaurant options I had (because it is off season so you never know what might be open) and discovered The Pilot House was very close by.  I have been coming to Kennebunk off and on for at least 40 years and have tried to find this place dozens of times!  Decided to try it once again.  I put the address in my navigation system and when I got to the area it said I was there but I couldn’t find it.  I decided to swing back around and was able to find on street parking so I didn’t have to worry about paying to park (another plus to the off-season!).  I walked back toward where it was announced I had reached my destination and low and behold, there was The Pilot House tucked a bit off the main road behind another building.  This is advertised “where the locals go” and oh yeah, it was full of locals as well as a few of us tourists!  

Before I get ahead of myself I would like to post a few pictures I took on the way to dinner…the house and barn because it says “Maine”, the steeples because…well, it is what I do and the sign that was on the side of the church because it spoke to my heart.  

And now more on the subject of The Pilot House…the waitress (shout out to Barb…) was so wonderfully friendly, the music was my generation and I loved every song that I could hear…and I say that because the conversations just kept getting louder and louder as the beer and margueritas went down…hahaha…and the food was so good!!!  I know you are supposed to eat seafood when in Maine but I opted to go with a small strip steak, steamed broccolini and roasted red potatoes that were a special.  Ate about half and took the rest to go!  Delicious! 

Walking to and from dinner I had to walk over the bridge coming Dock Square.  The reflections of the moment were in the tidal river and I needed to take a few pictures.  The changed the bridge from when I was there a few years ago.  The had narrow railings before with fencing and thousands of locks on the fence (live in France) but that was all gone…glad I have pictures of the old bridge…the new bridge fencing has wide rails and though lovely, it is not the same.  

And…word must have gotten out in the turkey community to pay me a visit because on my way to the grocery store I had to make a stop for turkeys crossing the road.  🙂

4 12 18 Kennebunk ME more turkeys (1 of 1)

I passed The Wedding Cake House on my way to the grocery store too.  I had gone out of my way a few years ago to find this because of the story.  It hasn’t changed much from a few years ago but it appears no one has been taking care of it because it has gone way downhill over the past 13 years.  


The above is a picture of the Wedding Cake House back in 2005.  It is a long but beautiful story and I thought of copying it and pasting it here but I am just going to paste the link if you are curious. Well, I guess the link is not going to work but if curious you can copy and paste it into your browser.  


And last but not least in the story of the day…when I got out of the car at the grocery store…this is what I saw…it just made me smile and I ran into the owner on the way into the store with that big smile on my face.  He was your stereotypical Harley owner but he had seen me take a picture of his bike and he had a little grin on his face.  It made my day…and no, I did not take a picture of him.  Even I have my limits…hahaha!  

4 12 18 Kennebunk ME last but not least WRTHOG Harley (1 of 1)

                          “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” – Jack Kerouac

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