April 9, 2018 

Well, I am on the road again.  I decided to visit Montauk, NY…always thought it would be a nice place to visit and since it has a ton of beaches which I really love and it is off-season so not crowded like it is going to be in a few months I figured this was the best time to go.  When I was researching the best way to get here I knew I was going to have to travel on at least one ferry but turns out there were 3!  I had never taken a car on a ferry before and actually had a little anxiety about it.  My son assured me it would be a piece of cake and I would know what to do as soon as I got there (anxiety created by me because I wasn’t sure where to go once I got there, not taking a car on a ferry)…he was right and I got there almost an hour early and was able to get on the noon ferry rather than the one o’clock I had booked.  The first ferry was the Cross Sound Ferry out of New London CT to Orient Point which allowed me to enjoy two other things I love…a great big bridge and a few different lighthouses.  So, here are a few pictures before I continue my story…

See the black one there…that is mine!  Next to the last one on the ferry…the emergency brake was on in the hopes that it would not decide to move off the ferry!  🙂

Once off the ferry I knew I was in New York, I just didn’t know where in New York (I knew Orient Point but since I hadn’t been here before that didn’t mean anything to me) I was but I listened to the navigation system and went where I was told…which was to the second ferry…the Shelter Island ferry.  Very quick trip across the water with about 5 other cars, a short drive through the lovely little Village of Dering Harbor with Mr. Crook’s Pub and the old fashioned “Soda & Drug” store and onto the third and final ferry…South Ferry…also a very short ride. I must say…ferry #2 & #3 were more like small barges than ferries they did get us safely across the water.   

The beauty of the ferries is that Montauk is 4.5 hrs from my house…1 hour 40 minutes of that is on ferries which saves a lot of miles on the car!!  Makes me very happy since I enjoy driving to my destinations but since my lease is up in June I also need to keep the miles down on the car!  🙂

Lovely drive to my destination…very little traffic which also makes me very happy.  I had a little trouble finding my home away from home.  Navigation kept telling me I was there but I was in a large parking lot with a playhouse on one side of me and a fire department on the other side of me…and up above me on a hill was the hotel but I couldn’t find the road to get there.  Talking on the phone gives me anxiety…a knot in my stomach (interesting since my first real job was working as a customer service rep!) so I do it only when absolutely necessary…I sucked it up and called the hotel!!  Yep…the road to the hotel was to the left of the playhouse!  I saw a sign for a restaurant but didn’t see the name for the Manor…where the restaurant is located.  My bad!!  So, I drove up that hill to the Montauk Manor…a lovely kind of castle looking building which is now a hotel/condo/timeshare kind of place.  I am staying in a studio apartment for the next few days.  

After getting settled in I headed out to find food…the one place I wanted to go to indicated on TripAdvisor they were open but…alas, they were not!  They will open for the season on May 4th.  Drove around and discovered Sammy’s…at first I thought it was just a food truck because a food truck was parked on the street with a sandwich board behind it.  I’m glad I pulled in because Sammy’s is very nice and the only other customer’s left shortly after I got there so I had the place to myself…besides my waitress, Ginger, the owner, Sammy and a few behind the scenes kitchen staff.  Ginger was great company!  There was a print behind me (I got a picture of it but with glare you can’t read it all) advertising land for sale in Montauk…$16 down, $4 a month and no interest.  All you had to do was fill out the coupon and give $16…hahaha!  The hotel had suggested a great spot for sunset pictures but though it was almost 50 when I went into dinner it was quite chilly and very windy by the time I left.  I did drive to the spot to check it out but decided it really was too cold to hang out for another hour to get sunset and decided to head back to the Manor…though I did get a few nice sky shots.  The food was really good too!  

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get any sunset shots from the balcony/deck outside my room so I settled in to watch TV and play solitaire.  About an hour later I glance out the slider and there are the beginnings of sunset.  Not great straight on sunset but I got to see the colors of sunset and reflections of those colors in windows and in the landscape. 

Well, that was day one of my Montauk adventure.  Since we are a few hours into day two and I have a list of things I would like to see I am going to head out very soon.  I hope wherever you are that you will enjoy your day as much as I hope to enjoy mine!  Safe travels wherever you are! 

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