March travels continued…

I went to Myrtle Beach SC on March 20th.  I chose Myrtle Beach thinking I had never been there before.  I knew my sister and I had stopped in SC returning from FL a few years back but I was thinking we had stopped at Hilton Head.  Imagine my embarrassment when I told her where I was going and she said she wished she was able to go back again.  Yep…it was Myrtle Beach we had stayed in for about a day and a half before moving north to return home from FL that year!  MY BAD!  When I got there I couldn’t pin point the exact hotel we stayed at but I did determined it was North Myrtle Beach and I was staying in the South Myrtle Beach area this time.  You know what I discovered…it doesn’t really matter what beach area you stay at in Myrtle Beach…it is all beautiful!  

One of the best things my sister and I did when we stayed there was go to the Wax Museum.  I had forgotten about that but when I was driving down one of the highways toward a destination I was stopped at a traffic light and I glanced to my left and saw King Kong on top of a spire…and a memory was sparked…an excellent memory!  My sister has a heridarty lung/liver disease that affects her lungs and limits her travel.  What she felt she could do a few years ago she isn’t comfortable doing right now since travel requires a lot of pre-planning to be sure she will have enough oxygen to get her through those travel times.  We stopped here when we stayed in Myrtle Beach…I had to pull off the highway to get some pictures so she would know I was thinking of her…a few were taken with my phone to send to her right away!  Awesome memory!!  I would love to post a picture of us at the museum at that time but I can’t…I cherish my privacy so I certainly have to respect her’s!  You will have to trust me that they were excellent pictures!  🙂  

After my sister pointed out to me that we had been here before I looked to see what it was I could do while here that I had not done before.  I discovered Charleston SC was not too too far away and there was a couple we (my sister and I) had spoken to in FL the year we ended up going to Myrtle Beach that asked after a bit of conversation where we were headed (they were checking in as we checked out to head home) and we mentioned Savannah as one of our stops…they said don’t waste your time there, go to Charleston…they were from Charleston.  🙂  I decided to look for a means to go to Charleston and I found a Viator option that offered a 10.5 hr trip to Charleston from Myrtle Beach.  All I had to do was be at a mall at 6:30 AM, board a bus and enjoy an awesome day in Charleston that included a bus ride, a horse & buggy ride, a ferry boat ride around the harbor, a side trip to a plantation and a bus ride back to Myrtle Beach…I jumped on this opportunity! 

I arrived in Myrtle Beach on March 20…basically a check in on a cold and rainy day after getting my car rental at the airport.  After checking in, unpacking and enjoying my balcony view of the ocean, pool and pier (Springmaid Pier closed for renovations until 2019) I headed to the restaurant at the hotel for dinner.  I gave them one night to impress me…over-priced food/drinks with a limited menu for what they charged…much better options in Myrtle Beach though the staff there was wonderful!  I was only here until March 23 and March 22 was my Charleston day and that wasn’t going to leave much time to explore at days end since we weren’t expected back in Myrtle Beach until 5:30 (we didn’t get back until 6:15ish since there were a couple people who had no concept of time and functioned on their own clock) so I needed to make the most of March 21st…I decided to make the whole day about the different Piers in and around Myrtle Beach not to mention the Boardwalk!    I had 9 on my list…one came off after I mapped them all out because it was 2.5 hrs away and south of Charleston and I wouldn’t have my car with me when I went to Charleston, one came off because it was a half hour away from the last one I made it to and it would have been dark by the time I got there and a third came off the list because there was road construction and the detour would not allow me to get there…though I tried twice!  🙂  I did make it to 6 of the 9…though I did add a destination that I thought was the one around the detour…it was just an unnamed pier or bridge over to a beach…lovely non the less!  Besides the unnamed stop I made I got pictures of the Springmaid Pier at the hotel (though I could not go up on it), the Myrtle Beach State Park Pier, Apache Pier, Cherry Grove Pier, Pier 14, the Boardwalk, including the Myrtle Beach Skywheel (though it was not working when I was there!)  and the 2nd Ave Pier.  And of course with piers come beaches, birds, waves, and reflections.  

I walked (between leaving home on the 20th and coming home on the 23rd) approximately 11 miles during this trip…a lot of it across piers and beaches.  Since I have an issue with pain in my right hip usually after walking 500 or so steps I was completely surprised at how much I was able to walk!  

One final thought before I post pictures…I had a scary experience when I was walking the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and taking pictures of Pier 14 and the 2nd Ave Pier.  After finding a parking space and deciding I was going to have dinner at Pier 14 I decided I was just going to carry my camera…no pocketbook!  Before I move on…you have to pay for parking…the parking space I found had limited options. (they had parking meters but they were old school no longer used to pay for parking…you could put money in them but pay attention to the post that was there…the money goes towards paying to take the homeless off the street and put them in shelters…which is a great idea…if you are paying attention and not thinking you are paying for parking…if you are not paying attention, your car could get towed!!)  The option I chose was to download an app for Parkmobile…I used this in Galveston TX back in January but the app option was not available at that spot…you put in the “spot” you are at (there is a code), credit card info and a plate number then move on.  When you are leaving you tap the app and it just charges you for the time you are there…just remember to tap the app before leaving or pay the maximum price.  I put a credit card in one pocket, minimal cash in another pocket and my cell phone in another pocket.  Headed toward the mid-point of the boardwalk to get pictures of both piers. Shortly beyond the mid-point there were 3 young men that appeared to be homeless…but definintely drinking!  One of them asked me for money.  I said I had no money on me and kept moving…that young man said you look like the kind of person who would have a bit of money and one of the other said that camera looks like it would take some great photos and might be worth something…still moving down the boardwalk!  I started getting nervous and a few feet down the boardwalk I heard some shuffling and turned back and realized they started following me.  I picked up my pace a bit (though my hip was hurting!) because I realized I was close to Pier 14.  There had been a mother/daughter near me earlier when I stopped to take pictures and the daughter had a really nice skateboard…as I was nearing Pier 14 the mom/daughter were right behind me so I asked them if the 3 boys had said anything to them.  Mom said they told the daughter they really liked her skateboard but when Mom/daughter moved on they were not bothered…there were two of them.  Mom wished me luck and scurried her daughter off to the restaurant.  I saw a family not too far away from me on the beach so I headed toward them…I briefly explained my concern to them about the 3 boys.  They remembered seeing them but had not been bothered by them but told me they were headed back to their car if I wanted to walk back with them.  No dinner for me at Pier 14 but extrememly grateful to that family for allowing me to walk back with them.  I am guessing the boys must have seen me talking to the Mom/daughter and walking with the family on the beach because I did not see them again!  I got to enjoy the rest of my time there.  I didn’t get to enjoy food at Pier 14 (one of my sister’s enthusiasically suggested a meal!) but I did enjoy the rest of my time there without any further threat!  And I do have to say, having the Life360 app and being able to communicate with 2 of my sister’s during all of this was a huge help…and one of my sister’s had suggested taking pictures of the boys at the height of when I felt threatened but by the time I read it I was on the beach nearing the family and the boys were gone.  Great suggestion that I will keep in my mind should I find myself in a similar situation again.  

As you know…I like to take photos of my flight…so my pictures will include my flight from Boston to Charlotte NC and from Charlotte NC to Myrtle Beach SC.  Enjoy the trip!!  

Boston to Charlotte:

Flying Charlotte NC to Myrtle Beach SC:

Myrtle Beach hotel:

HAHAHA…a few shots of the restaurant in the hotel but also some of the healthy food options I was going with for breakfast/snacks while staying there…and took some home with me for snack options at the airports/plane.  And yes…the pool configuration was pointed out to me when I posted the pictures but I honestly did not see what EVERYONE else saw when I posted those pictures!  

Around Myrtle Beach:

One of my favorites things was the Apache RV park (which lead to the Apache Pier…it was a lovely RV park where I would love to park an RV year round if I had one or even visit for the season…but they also had a golf cart parking area near the restaurant/ice cream place where you could park and access food as well as the pier!  Other favorite place was seeing King Kong at the Wax Museum!!

Myrtle Beach Shells:

I love all of these though I think the dog foot print in the black/white sand is my very favorite!!!  

Myrtle Beach Piers:

More Piers:

So may piers…so little time!  Love them all!!!  

The many beaches of Myrtle Beach:

Mrytle Beach Boardwalk:

Funny…when I saw the picture of Iggy’s when it was posting I remembered the guy who came out of the restaurant to question why I was there taking pictures…really?  You are Iggy’s…why would people not come take pictures of you!!??  

Have to comment on the last photo…it is a zipline that I saw with my sister when I was there a few years ago…it was still under construction.  Now it is 3 “buildings”  

Woot Woot….moving on to Charleston SC…starting with the bus!!  

Charleston by bus:

All around Charleston by Horse & Buggy:

Lovely young lady taking us on the horse & buggy tour is Jennie!…her beautiful horse is Pokey…because Pokey according to Jennie is experienced enough to know what the length of the tour is and will not move beyond that pace…because everyone should enjoy the tour the way is meant to be enjoyed!  Looking back at a few of the pictures…a few I want to explain…The jail!!  It is soon going to be an event space because…what else do you do with an empty 1800’s jail?  HAHA..according to Jennie if you landed in jail you would get a pile of hay…that is where you slept and “did your business”…once a month someone would come in and change your hay…I think it was once a month…might have been longer…:-)  The building in yellow with the two large black “plugs”…where large bolts were placed into the building to help with earthquake protection!  I may not have noted this before and I can’t remember if I posted the appropriate pictures yet…but there have been or will be pictures posted that appear crooked!  They are not…well, they are but not by my camera!  According to Jennie…there was an earthquake that obviously shifted the landscape…some buildings were torn down, some were attempted to be corrected with those large “bolts” that were drilled into buildings, some with shifts in flooring plans…some…well, some were just left as is!  🙂  

Having said all that it is time to see Charleston by ferry:  

I forgot to mention…it doesn’t seem to matter how you travel in Charleston SC…you are alway going to “meet” the Ravenal Bridge…which to me as a Boston girl seems like the Zakim Bridge…I can’t even attempt to guess who may have copied whom!!  

Oh…capturing the bird in flight that dove into the water…blow my mind!  I love that kind of stuff when I can capture it!!!! 

Ahhhh…moving onto my most favorite part of the day!!!!!  Boone Farm Plantation!!!  

Boone Farm Plantation:


I love horses and I loved the fact I was able to capture the horse scratching itself with one of it’s legs…priceless.

Sunset around the hotel and Springmaid Pier: 

  And sadly, it is time to go home.  The good news is I was up early enough to catch sunrise while I finished up my packing.

And of course when traveling with me you get the obligatory photos from the plane…in this case flying from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte to Boston.