April 3, 2018

I had a very busy March and have been home from my last trip for 10 days.  Took me a bit of time to recover from my March travels.  

My first trip was a road trip to Hyannis, MA which was supposed to last March 7-9 but the beauty of a road trip is that if the weather doesn’t cooperate you can stay on without having to worry about changing flights and paying additional fees, I ended up coming home on the 11th.

When I left my house that day to head for the Cape there was a light snow which shortly turned to rain.  By the time I got to my destination in Hyannis it was just overcast.  When I went out to dinner a little while later driving to my destination was in a torrential down pour with thunder and lightning.  The streets were so flooded it was difficult to see the lines in the road and at one point (when I thought there were 2 lanes on my side of the road) I hit a puddle of water and it came up over my windshield scaring the heck out of me.  Fortunately the cars around me were far enough away that it gave them warning and no accidents happened.  That area had also experienced high wind/tides the previous weekend and they were still recovering from that mess.  (The next day I drove in the same area during daylight hours and it turned out the road had gone from 2 lanes to one lane right before I hit that puddle and I was actually off the road when the water came over my windshield).  

The next day started out promising though thunderstorms had been predicted.  I put together a list of things I wanted to see but by the time it was time to head out the weather had turned and it was raining.  So, I ended up reading until it was time to go out to dinner.  By then it was clearing up so off I went with the intent of searching for a beach to get some sunset shots.  Never happened…the waitress was so slow that all I saw of sunset was a lovely purple sky outside the restaurant window!  Weather the next day was supposed to be sunny and mid-40’s and I had already asked the hotel if they could accomodate me another night or two.  They could for one night but if I wanted to stay an additional night after that I was going to have to find another spot.  When I got back to my room I researched what additional things I might do so I could decide whether to go home on Saturday or find a place to stay Saturday night and go home Sunday.  I decided to go home Sunday…with an earache!  It was so windy and chilly Saturday I guess it affected my ear!  

So…the agenda for this trip ended up being lighthouses!  I love lighthouses and one of the best things about lighthouses?  They are near beaches, oceans, lovely bodies of water that give me peace.  I put about 400 miles on my car between leaving my house on the 7th and returning on the 11th.  In addition to seeing great lighthouses between Hyannis, West Dennis, Chatham, Falmouth, Pocasset, Mattapoisett, and New Bedford I also saw some great beaches, the cranberry bogs in Carver, some lovely churches in all those towns (sorry….I have a fascination with church steeples), talked to a few interesting people (most interesting was a very weathered New Englander who appeared to be in his late 60’s-early 70’s who is a still working diver in the waters of the Cape who had decided to take a day off and sit on a hand carved bench on a cliff over looking the water while contemplating life) and a lady in New Bedford who brought a very large bag of bread to the beach to feed the gulls.  

Below are the pictures that tell the story of my trip.  I lost the paper that was going to allow me to put the lighthouses in the order I took them so when posted the order will be random…sorry.  There is a lighthouse which is now privately owned though you can rent the property which gives you access to the house, lighthouse and a private beach.  There is a sign that asks you not to enter the property and respect their right to privacy.  The gate is supposed to be closed but I was lucky…without entering the property I was able to get a picture.  There is a lighthouse that was supposed to be difficult to find and because it is on an island only visible from a point on land or boat.  The directions said you would be able to see it at the end of road…what it didn’t say was “if you are not paying attention you will drive right into the water”…the road just ended with the pavement going slightly downhill into the water but they were right…the lighthouse was right there.  There is a lighthouse that is set on top of an inn and there are fake lighthouses that are part of the design in private homes.  I got all those.  The lighthouses I have pictures of are:  Hyannis Harbor Light, Bass River Light aka West Dennis Light, Chatham Light, Stage Harbor Light aka Hardings Beach Light, Nobska Light, Wings Neck Light, Barlow’s Landing Light, Ned’s Point Light, Clarks Point Light and Butler Flats Light.  Enjoy! 


  Of course, in addition to lighthouses I also have those pictures of church steeples, beaches, parks, birds, bridges and piers,  a W Dennis Grade School House that is now a maritime museum, a swan and the lovely lady feeding the birds.  OH…and of course no trip would be complete without sunrise/sunset pictures or both!  



Bodies of Water, Beaches and Boats:




Buildings & Steeples:


Miscellaneous of the Cape & Area:


Note…the bench and bird house are dedicated to a particular lady who I am guessing loved to go to that area overlooking the ocean across the street from the lighthouses.

Bird lady feeding the gulls:




I know…too much but there were so many more that were not included but will be posted on my KMG Photography Facebook page if you should want to see more.  Thank you for coming along on my Hyannis and area journey.  I also went to Myrtle Beach SC and Charleston SC in March.  I will be posting that story and pictures very soon!  

                 One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.

                                                                                                                      Henry Miller 

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