March 1, 2018 

Itch, itch…the desire to get out of the house is really getting to me!  I don’t like feeling tied to the house and I have a plan for a short trip next week…hope the week goes by fast!!  

In the meantime, I am still going through pictures of previous trips and deciding what I might like to post for our enjoyment until that next trip comes up!  I found some more pictures from my Bermuda cruise last year.  I forgot we were there during the full moon…seemed like most of the nights of the cruise were cloudy but besides those I found from the Bermuda Triangle sunset trip I found a few more from a different night as well as a few sunrise pictures.  I am rarely up and moving at sunrise but since we were on a ship and seeing sunrise meant walking a few steps to the cabin balcony how could I not get at least a few.  Sadly some of these are a bit grainy but I included them anyway just because the sky is so beautiful.  

Hope you enjoy! 

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