February 26, 2018

 I have been home from Greensboro for 8 days (it seems so much longer!) and I am getting restless to go somewhere but I can’t at the moment.  So I decided to do the next best thing…go through some of my past trips.  Not sure what the weather is where you are but it is 47 and cloudy here and though that is warm for February in New England and am dreaming of warmer places.  

I start going through my pictures and one of the first folders that comes up is Bermuda.  A few years ago a friend and I went on a cruise.  One of the excursions we took was a Sunset Cruise of the Bermuda Triangle.  Sunset was wonderful and beautiful.  The few days we were in port were great and I will post a few more pictures.  Have you been to Bermuda before?  If you have, these reminders of how beautiful it is may have you getting on the phone to contact your travel agent, heading toward your favorite travel app or going on-line to book a trip!  

Hope you enjoy my sunset photos.  

February 16, 2018
So…continuing on with yesterdays visit to the Greensboro Science Center where there were so many wonderful things to see.  Below are some of the pictures I am going to share with you…I took 333 but I am going to do my best to edit myself and you will only see a tiny bit of that.  Let’s break the Science Center down into all it has to offer!  If you would like to see more of the photos taken visit my KMG Photography page on Facebook! 
These are from the Amazon Region…

Now let’s go visit the aquarium…

Next we move onto the Coatis and Howler Monkeys…

Some adorable farm animals…

Next is the Fossa (pronounced Foo-sah)…a native of Madagascar related to the Mongoose family…

Next, enjoy a little fun around the Science Center and Farm…

Next was one of my most favorite animals there because they were having so much fun..

Though I only got a few pictures to post here I loved the Jellies in the aquarium…

Lemurs are next up in the visit to the Science Center…handsome critters! 

Time to add a few Otters to the zoo…aren’t they adorable! 

Penquins…you can’t visit an aquarium without seeing the penguins…when I went back the second time it was almost feeding time and all of them were lined up on the rocks…unfortunately the tank was kind of dirty and there had been a lot of splashing around so the quality of the pictures from the second visit was not great and I deleted the majority of those but I think you will like what I decided to keep…

The Red Panda is up next…it was tough getting a good picture through the glass so I had to delete a lot of them but the few I kept I love…especially the one with the tongue sticking out!

Back to the aquarium to visit the Seahorses…again, only kept a few because the quality through glass with reflections was not great but here are two…

#Skywild  is next…could not imagine getting up that far off the ground even attached with all the gear they give you but this young lady and her Dad were very brave!  

Stingrays up next…now these guys move so quickly!  There were several children there enjoying the stingrays…they even named them based on the rays behavior…one being Splashy!  I do not take pictures of children to post so you only get to see the rays.  

Next up are the Tortoises…huge and beautiful creatures! 

Last of the animals are the Wallabies!  These two appear to be very tired and I thought they were sleeping but on closer inspection they were awake just not curious enough about anything to move…

And of course no day would be complete without the obligatory sunset…though fair warning…these were taken out the dirty hotel window so not the best quality! 

One last note if you are still with me…one of the hardest things to do when traveling is eat healthy.  I recently made a commitment to myself to eat much healthier than I had been.  This is my first trip since I made that commitment.  This was dinner last night…I think it was the best choice though I think I ate less than half of that salad and didn’t manage to eat the whole bowl of fruit…though I did drink all the unsweetened tea! 
a healthy dinner (1 of 1)
Thanks for traveling with me.  I hope you enjoy the photos and keep coming back!!  As I mentioned above, find my KMG Photography page on Facebook…I will post pictures there from my travels that won’t be included here. 
Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world
—Gustave Flaubert

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