January 15, 2018 

Well, today didn’t start out as planned.  When I woke up it was a little gray and dismal looking out there and rain was predicted for the afternoon plus my back and neck hurt so I looked for a Plan B – find some place indoors so I would not be stuck outside if the rain came.  I opted to go to the Greensboro Science Center.  What a great decision!  This place is a farm, a zoo, an aquarium, it has a theater, a cafe, a gift store, it has feedings listed throughout the day if you want to see sharks, farm animals and penguins get fed as well as “Keeper Talks” at two different times.  They also have what I call the “funky walkway in the sky” and they call it Skywild.  I got a few pictures of areas of this as well as a few of a young lady and her dad doing the walk.  I have to say the daughter was very bold and dad looked a little scared and I ran into them when they ended the walk a little early…dad was pooped and needed some water!  

I would guess I was here about 3.5 hours and walked about 2 miles.  One of the animals I was really excited about seeing and getting pictures of was the tiger but sadly, he passed away in December.  I guess they have not yet had a chance to get a replacement for him.  There are two lovely pictures of him posted along with a story about him.  

Because my neck is really sore tonight I am just going to post a little teaser…4 pictures of the very first animal I saw when I walked in the first exhibit.  He is a handsome devil and I simply fell in love…I think you will too!  He was a little shy when I first started taking pictures but he quickly came out of his shell…he roared like an old pro!  🙂  

I will be back in the morning to post more…enjoy this handsome devil! 

“Nature is not a place. It is home” 

–Gary Snyder

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